Stallion (mission)

This Stallion is a vehicle side mission in GTA 1 during the Liberty City part 2 run.


Enter the Stallion (also known as an Undercover Cop Car) in north Hackenslash to begin. There is a DA in west Eaglewood Hospital with an ingrown toenail that Bubby wants to speak to, so you must take an ambulance and pick him up. Once obtained, you must then take him to the meat warehouse in central Brix. After he becomes "hung up," you are ordered to pick up a car in southwest Estoria. In the 4X4, you have to take it to the offices in northeast Island City to finish the mission!

Text Strategy

E, small S, at park keep going S to end, small W, big S.
N, second big E, big N before bridge, big E, small N in building.
S, big W, big S, big E to end, big N, small E to end, big N.
Garage. Steal car.
S, follow W, big S bridge, follow W, big S bridge, third small W.
E, alley S, big W, arrow S go small S, cross S.
Garage. END!

Video Strategy