Staunton Island Hideout

The Staunton Safehouse in GTA III, with the elevator to save games, the garage, and an addition space for pickups awarded by collecting hidden packages pictured.

The Staunton Island Hideout is a hideout in Grand Theft Auto III.


The hideout, embedded under a skyscraper and described as a warehouse by Asuka Kasen, is in the district of Belleville Park and contains a garage which can store up to two vehicles (up to five if an exploit is used). The player saves the game by accessing an elevator that heads to an unspecified part of the building. Awarded police bribes, a health pickup and an adrenaline pill are located on the opposite end of the backalley, while pickups attained by collecting hidden packages are located in another opening directly east from the garage.

In GTA III, the hideout is accessible after the mission "Last Requests", given by Salvatore Leone to protagonist Claude, Asuka Kasen informs Claude of the hideout. However, the hideout, like the Shoreside Vale Hideout, is available for use from the beginning after completing "Luigi's Girls", using the Callahan Bridge exploit. The house is believed to be owned by the Yakuza, as during "Cash in Kazuki's Chips" in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, protagonist Toni Cipriani goes there to kill the former Yakuza waka-gashira, Kazuki Kasen, who flees from the scene during the mission.