Stunt Jumps in GTA IV

The map displaying all Unique Stunt Jumps in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Jump to a new level of spirituality.
- in-game website description

There are 50 stunt jumps that the player must complete in order to get 100% completion in Grand Theft Auto IV.

4 Possibilities after a jump (the second two possibilities represent a welcome improvement from Grand Theft Auto III era games.

  • If the player is successful, the game will report "Stunt jump completed" then "XX stunt jumps left to do."
  • If the player is unsuccessful, the game will report "Not good enough."
  • Unsuccessful, already completed: "Not Good enough, but you have already completed this stunt jump"
  • Successful, already completed: "Stunt jump completed again"'

Some jumps do not require Niko Bellic to make it a certain distance, simply to land the jump. Other jumps have very strict requirements that are hard to determine. These details have been explained below where possible. To make things even more challenging, there are numerous locations with ramps around Liberty City that appear to be Stunt Jump sites but aren't. Several missions provide opportunities to complete stunt jumps during chase sequences.

List of all stunt jumps

Jump Number Difficulty (Finding Route or Mechanics) Description Area/Map
1 easy Behind buildings on Big Horn Drive. Drive West on Big horn drive and turn behind buildings, ramp is in north west corner of lot, slow speed is fine. Alderney
Stunt jumps - numbered
2 moderate On Beach, Northbound. Small pool of water with a couple derelict boats in it. Jump over them going north bound. Have to hit the other beach to make it count.
3 easy Between residences from Beaverhead. Head south down beaverhead and continue straight ahead up ramp. Need a bit of speed and to veer just slightly right to land over yards and in alleyway.
4 easy Top of parking garage, Percell and Sacramento. Go to the top level of the parking garage, jump is on the west side.
5 moderate South on Sacremento, Through alleyway
6 hard Ramp next to highway. North on Lockowski Ave, East on Keneckie Ave. When Keneckie heads south continue on dirt path, dirt path will head south. Jump should take you over the highway completely to the beach area below. Veer a bit right off the jump to shorten the path over the highway. Could take a few times to get it. I have triggered it landing on the highway a couple times, but I did contact the wall first.
7 easy Parking Lot off Applewhite. Head west on applewhite, as road bends to the south, veer right into parking lot. ramp is in container.
8 easy Aspdin container jump. Head north up Aspdin, as Aspdin curves to the east, enter the parking lot with storage buildings. container jump is in north west corner of the lot. You will land in the oncoming traffic on the highway.
9 easy Bedrock alley jump. At Bedrock and Myung, head west on Bedrock. Take first alley to south. At end of alley is a container with trash piles up. seems to trigger with almost no speed.
10 easy Koresh Sq Stair Jump. North of Koresh Sq there are stairs up to a building. Hit the stairs going north at a decent speed and you will clear the other side to register the stunt. A good opportunity to complete this jump occurs during the car-chase portion of the mission Payback.
11 moderate Applewhite Jump #2. Just south down the road from #7, you will see a jump on the east side of the road. Back up across in the parking lot on the west side of applewhite, doesn't take much speed to trigger. Missed it once, but second time was fine with same landing zone.
12 hard Cross the River. This is a big one, start off in front of the safehouse and cross Rand Ave. Ramp is at end of sidewalk. You may want to save at the safehouse to avoid driving back/swimming when you miss this a couple times. You probably need to start a couple blocks past the safehouse to get enough speed. Mess with the angle on the bike as you hit the ramp if you keep missing.
13 moderate Through the tunnel. Head like you are taking the #12 jump, but veer left down the path way. you will see a tunnel on the right. Jump is through there. Start at about the beginning of the tunnel. You want to go just the right distance to land on the chopper pad in front of you. If you hit the water, you can swim around the east side of the pad for a ladder.
14 moderate Across old railroad bridge. You actually start this jump at redwing and plumbbob. Knock down the fence (might need another car) and ride up the left path on the abandond bridge. Hit the jump at the end.
15 easy drive north up Tinderbox Ave. Break through the fence on your right just after the underpasss of the Skyway. You will be jumping south down the rail tracks. Moderate speed should do it.
16 moderate Off exit ramp in middle of expressway. This is one of those jumps that if you don't have enough speed, you land in the water. Too much speed and you land in some pipes. A player has to use the offramp to gain just enough speed to hit a sharp angled jump. Using an NRG-900 motorcycle, go to the top of the offramp and turn around right after you get to the center divider. Give it full throttle all of the way down the offramp. Line up to the center of the jump. Just before getting to the jump, let off of the throttle completely. You should do a flip in the air and land in the right zone to complete the jump. Warning: Have full health as you will hit the pipes and flip off of the bike.
17 moderate Jump off Highway - You want to make this jmp going toward the west. Easiest way for me was to come up the on ramp that starts at muskteer ave. keep the gas down all the way up and just veer around the median to the ramp right in front of you. Hit it straight on and you should score the jump.
Jump Number Difficulty (Route or Mechanics) Description Area/Map
38 moderate Franklin street corner. NE Corner of Franklin St. Drive east on Franklin and you will see east facing ramp as road curves south. Hit at high speed. Need to clear that fuling station below. Broker/Dukes
Stunt Jumps in Broker/Dukes - Numbered
39 easy West on Morris. Right as it T's into Concord. Hit at medium speed, you will probably land in the water unless you hit it just right. Seems to trigger regardless.
40 easy Container Jump North on Concord. There is construction south of #39 on Concord. On south side of this construction is a trash container jump. Hit at moderate speed to score it.
41 easy Alley off Ticonderoga You only need the lenght of the alley to get enough speed. Jump is at the end going west bound.
42 easy East ramp on North side of eastbound hooper Need about half block of speed, nothing. The ramp is part of the sidewalk along the north side of the road
43 easy Old Train Tracks Head west along Creek St. Look for holes in the wall on your right (north). You can take any of the holes. Once inside the wall, head along the train tracks to the east. Need to clear the grassy area to the docks. You will likely end up in the river unless you land it right.
44, 45 moderate Building jumps. Head south on San Jacinto. Jump is directly past livingston. You want to go about halfway up the hill to get just the right speed. The second jump (#45) is straight ahead when you land so stay under control.
46 hard Highway to train station. Head west along the Expressway, as you approach the bridge you will see a small ramp as the road splits apart. Hit is straight on, you want to go fast enough to clear the stairs, but not too fast so you are out of control. To register the stunt, you need to land on the train station planks, not clip the bridge on the way down, etc.
47 moderate Jump over the highway Head North down the hill on Tutelo. You will see ramp as it Ts into Carson. Hit it going fast and slightly left as you need to land down on the road and not over in the grass.
48 moderate Onto the billboard You will head down Freetown south where it T's into Lynch. There is a ramp there you can hit. If you take it just right, you will land between two billboards. Pretty cool, but in practice hard to do. I have landed it on the highway and gotten credit many times, so not sure what is needed.
49 moderate Over the highway. Head south on tudor by the airport. This street makes a big loop, you will need the lenght of it most likely. The traffic on this road can be a pain. There is a container jump at the south east corner of tudor, and is small so only a bike can hit it. You need to clear the highway to register the jump
50 moderate Over the highway again. This time you head east on tudor on the long north section. You need a lot of speed, and I needed to at least contact the opposite concrete barrier in the air. You will be looking for a highway sign laying on the ground to the north side of the road. The traffic along here is annoying and it took me 4 or 5 attempts to get a clear view
Jump Number Difficulty (Route or Mechanics) Description Area/Map
34 easy Attica Ave (Unfinished road). Take loop around south at Attica & Rocket St. Turn right onto unfinished road, ramp is at end. Bohan
Stunt Jumps in Bohan - Numbered
35 easy Docks, Across Bay. Get on Worm street, drive south west, when it T's into road, veer right into alleyway. Ramp will be at the end. Need to be going fast, but you should make it easily.
36, 37 hard Northern Expressway, Incomplete Section. The two jumps that are over the water are jumps that are not boat jumps.Continue on Northern Expressway Southwest through the baracades. There is a piece of road that sticks out into the water and stops. You have to jump from there and hop on the pieces of road. When you do the first jump, don't go too fast or too slow because you need to be able to hit the next piece of road and jump. Go too fast and you will miss the jump. Go too slow and you will not complete the second jump. To complete the second jump, you have to clear the building. Warning: definitely save before attempting this jump with any vehicle you don't want to lose as there is a high probably you will lose the vehicle if you don't make the jump. It's also possible to overshoot the jump to such an extent that Niko is Wasted from the fall.
Jump Number Difficulty (Route or Mechanics) Description Area/Map
19 easy East of Galveston & Xenotime Across Galveston from Playboy's. SW corner of the parking lot for 2 lower-rent high-rise apartments. Need to at least hit the metal roof of the building below. Algonquin
20 easy NE Corner of Exter & Frankfurt. Ramp is to the right of stairs between the apartment buildings.
21 moderate Grummer Road, NE Corner of Algonquin. Head east along grummer road, and when road curves south, there will be a dirt ramp on your right. Need to land at least inside where the overpass starts - inside the tunnel.
22 moderate Astoria - East facing ramp between road and highway bridge. You will have to veer into the vacant lot to catch it (it's inside a container of some kind). You will need to land on top of the bridge to make it count. This one is difficult without a motorcycle. Angle left on the ramp with a bike and you should nail it.
23 easy NE Corner of Astoria and Voxite. Drive east on one-way Wardite (wrong way) and veer slightly right into the alley. Just need to land at least on the road below
24 moderate On old Rail Bridge You can get on the bridge many ways, but easiest is to enter in block on Garnet & Frankfurt (NW Corner). On the south side of the block there is a pedestrian staircase, ride up it on a bike, and you will see bridge blocked off in front of you. Continue along and jump off the end of the bridge. You will see the pay and spray can rotating where you need to jump. Just land below to complete.
25 easy Star Junction Ramp located in container in central median. Head toward big video screen going south to catch it. If you are doing this with a car, good luck, the container is very small. Container is between Burlesque & Denver-Exter, southern corner.

In-Game map

26 easy Star Junction Ramp located just south from Jump 25. In dumpster on South side of jade street, west side of star junction.
27 easy Union Drive (Freeway) Ramp is located in median, in construction area. Get on bike on far north end of median, you should have enough space to hit the jump at the far south end.
28 easy Water Jump Between two barges heading north.
29 hard Civilization Committee grounds The hardest jump in the game to find and execute is inside the Civilization Committee complex. You must enter the complex, drive to the double set of stairs in the back, follow those up, and around the left side of the building until it dead-ends. When it does, you will see a small ramp that leads to a rooftop. this rooftop has another ramp on the left that will take you to the top on the main building. You will need to land in the northern part of the complex. Making the above all the more challenging is a 4-star wanted level is triggered the moment Niko enters the complex, so the navigation and jumps must be executed while being attacked by LCPD officers and helicopters. See the following video for a good walkthrough .
30 easy Boat jump using a wooden ramp near the Algonquin side of the river. This jump can be done during the boat chase in Buoys Ahoy.
31 easy Alley off Emerald Street Enter the alley off emerald street. Drive up the alley north and you will see the jump.
32 moderate Under City Hall. Westbound from broker bridge to Algonquin. Keep going straight down diamond. You will be jumping through what looks like city hall. It is barricaded off from traffic, but you will use that barricade as a jump. Need to make it over the barricade on the west side to make it count.
33 moderate Amethyst Building Jump Eastbound jump in building. Head east down Amethyst ln (one way), and keep going straight between building and support pillars. Jump is at the end of the sidewalk. Can be completed in any vehical and at low speed.

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