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Meeting up with Lance Vance at the jetty.
The rival boats setting off for the freelance drug dealer.
The race is on!
Approaching the freelance drug dealer.
Shooting at a pursuing boat.
Shooting at an attacking helicopter.
Parting ways with Lance.

The following article is a walkthrough for the mission Supply & Demand for Vice City drugs baron Ricardo Diaz in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Mission Walkthrough

Meet up with Diaz at Diaz's mansion. He is angry and frustrated that his VCR "ate" (would not eject) his favourite El Burro movie. Tommy points he hasn't actually plugged it in. Diaz shrugs off the incident and proceeds to tell about a freelance drug dealer who moors his yacht in Vice City every month. He sells his cargo to the first person to arrive, which this time, is going to be you. He then tells you to take the fastest boat that you had previously acquired to the drug dealer, get the drugs, and then take them back to Diaz.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Go to the fastest boat at the jetty!

Walk into the pink halo to trigger a cutscene in which you find Lance Vance waiting for you and you have a small conversation. After that cutscene finishes, you will be shown four Speeders manned with Cubans also going towards the freelancer's boat. They also want the drugs, and you have got yourself some competition now. You will then receive the following instructions:

Get to the yacht before the other boats do!

There are two routes to take to the freelancer's boat, a left route and a right route. It is a better decision to take the left route, as it is shorter and more direct than the rightside route, and it has more space to steer. Drive there as fast as you can, but be careful not to crash too hard into the walls. If you crash into a wall or boat fast and hard enough, Lance will be knocked into the water and you will fail the mission. Also, be careful not to beach the Squalo. If you do so, you will have to waste precious time pushing the boat back into the water, which will allow the Cubans to reach the freelancer's boat, failing the mission for you. Once you reach the freelancer's yacht, the second half of the mission will commence.

In the second part of the mission, you and Lance will swap roles: Lance will take the wheel and you will be tasked with defending the cargo from the Cubans, who are angered that you stole their drugs and now they want to take it from you. Thankfully, for you, you have been provided with a Ruger with unlimited ammo to help you. First, two Cubans in Speeders will attack you from behind. Kill the gunmen and then kill the drivers or just blow up their boats. Later on, you will drive up to a jetty, where several Cubans are standing, waiting to shoot at you. Kill as many of them as you can, or they will reduce the boat's health with their bullets. In order to wipe them out more quickly, blow up the red barrels near them. Eventually, the Cubans will send a Sparrow after you. Continuously shoot at the Sparrow until it explodes; it's easier to shot the Sparrow until it blows up than to kill the gunman or the driver. Finally, when you are approaching Diaz's Mansion, a final Speeder will appear ahead, blow it up before you reach it, since if you reach it, the gunmen on the boat will shoot at you from up close and if you're not quick enough, they will deal severe damage to the boat. When Lance stops at Diaz's Mansion, the mission is complete, and you end up a richer man.

Video walkthrough

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