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Arriving at the junkyard.
Sniping out one of Ricardo Diaz' men on a crane.
Killing the two men guarding Lance Vance.
A beaten Lance Vance.
An angry Tommy Vercetti telling Lance Vance that they are going to have to kill Ricardo Diaz before he has them killed.
Making your escape in a car.
Dropping off Lance Vance at the Schuman Health Care Center to recover.

The following article is a walkthrough of the mission Death Row for Kent Paul in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Before the mission

This is perhaps the most difficult mission in the whole game. Pick up some Body Armor and heavy weapons before accepting the mission. Time is of the essence here, so you will also need a fast vehicle.

Mission Walkthrough

Meet up with Kent Paul, who informed you in an earlier phone call that he has an urgent matter that he needs to talk to you about. When you meet up with Paul, he tells you that Lance Vance had prematurely attempted to kill Vice City drugs baron and your employer Ricardo Diaz, but failed in doing so. He is now held at the Vice City Junkyard and is being slowly tortured to death by members of Diaz' Gang. You now have to save him from being tortured to death.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Lance is being held at the Junkyard. Go and rescue him!

Obtain a fast car or a PCJ-600 and head to the junkyard. It is best to take the Links Bridge to the junkyard, as it is the shortest and most direct route to the junkyard.

Once you reach the junkyard, you'll face a barricade at the gate. Put your pedal to the metal and ram through the barricade. Then run over all of the Diaz Gang members in the junkyard that you can reach, and shoot the rest.

Go to the back of the junkyard, and get on top of the trash pile, as this gives you an excellent vantage point to fire down on the baddies. Make sure you're ready in battling them, as they will engage you with Rugers and Uzis in the gunfight. While the killed Diaz gang members drop lots of money, don't go out of your way to pickup the cash, and remember that Lance's health is dropping steadily.

Run towards the yellow marker and reach for Lance. You will then activate a cutscene in which you angrily tell Lance that he had screwed up real good, and had now ruined your plans of taking down Diaz. As Diaz is now on to them, Tommy tells Lance that they will now have to take out Diaz before he takes them out. As the cutscene ends, you will be given the following instructions:

Get Lance to the hospital!

Afterward, stay in front of Lance to shield him from any remaining goons, as he can only take a couple bullets before dying.

As you exit the junkyard, Diaz's men in four Comets will come after you as you try to deliver Lance to the Schuman Health Care Center. If you took the Sentinel, it is recommended that you back into the junkyard to trap a couple Comets there, then accelerate forward as they try to get back their bearings, since the Sentinel won't be able to outrun the agile and fast Comets in a straight chase. Alternatively, if you take the Trashmaster, it can withstand lots of punishment, although it is very slow and hard to turn.

There are other variations in completing this mission, although none of them are are foolproof. A motorcycle (preferably a Freeway for the ruggedness and speed) is effective at quickly getting to Lance's shed (once you've eliminated the barricade, ignore the others in the junkyard) and it is fast enough to outrun the Comets; however if a tire gets punctured or if the motorcycle gets knocked down, you'll have to restart the mission.

Video Walkthrough

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