Target Practice

Target Practice
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Cletus Ewing
Objective Shoot at various targets with Cletus Ewing.
Target Three satellite dishes
Three tires
Three coyotes
Location Sandy Shores, Blaine County
Fail Cletus Ewing dies
Unlocks Fair Game
Unlocked by Nervous Ron
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Target Practice is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Cletus Ewing from his house on Marina Dr in Sandy Shores, Blaine County.


Trevor Philips finds Cletus Ewing outside his house on Marina Dr in Sandy Shores. Trevor asks what Cletus is doing and is told that he is hunting things such as antennae, vermin and tires. Trevor says it is the hunting season although Cletus responds he does not care about the season. Cletus asks Trevor to join him in hunting and Trevor agrees going to the second floor of his house to 'raise some hell' after being given Cletus' sniper rifle. Cletus instructs Trevor to shoot three satellite dishes on the surrounding houses, including the one on Mrs. Gilbert's house. After successfully shooting the dishes the two drive Cletus' Dune Buggy to the abandoned motel. On the way Trevor asks what they will be doing and is told he'll be aiming at something less stationary with Trevor suggesting liberals although Cletus responds 'Nothin' as slippery as that'. Cletus also tells Trevor that he has been very busy with the 'real' hunting.

The two arrive and go to the second floor and Cletus tells Trevor his new target is the tires of moving vehicles, which Trevor states he has done before. Trevor successfully shoots three tires on moving vehicles and they move to a different part of the motel using a partially collapsed roof to access the top of the building. On the way Cletus asks if Trevor has ever killed anything with a face but changes the question to anything with a face on four legs. Cletus tells Trevor that he has seen some coyotes nearby and that it would be neighbourly for them to kill some of them. Trevor walks to the edge of the roof and shoots three coyotes from two packs on the nearby road. Cletus, satisified with Trevor's efforts, tells Trevor he should him next time he goes hunting in Paleto Bay so he can teach him how to kill an elk saying that he will text Trevor when he is hunting next.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
2 for 1 Kill Kill two coyotes with one shot.
Pop! Pop! Shoot all three tires with an accuracy of at least 75%
Bad Signal Shoot all three satellite dishes without missing.

Video walkthrough

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