The Final Job! (Industrial District)

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The Final Job!
Game GTA 2
For Ally of Claude's
Target Uno Carb, Jerkov and Sunbeam
Fail Player Character Death
Reward Game ending
Unlocked by Completion of every mission

The Final Job! is the final mission of the Industrial District in Grand Theft Auto 2. In this mission, Claude Speed kills the district contacts ​​gangs.


Claude Speed ​​after you have finished the last mission of the district, its activities have angered Uno Carb of the Zaibatsu Corporation, Sunbeam and the Hare Krishna and Jerkov of the Russian Mafia. Now they have launched a crusade for a single purpose: the death of Claude.

Jerkov death

Claude must look to each head and kill him. Jerkov goes to your game in a Bulwark, lower your car and shoot but Claude is faster and fires a rocket launcher at the car of Jerkov.

Sunbeam death

After finishing with Jerkov, Claude goes after the contact of the Hare Krishna, Sunbeam. Sunbeam comes at a Karma Bus Speed ​​shoots, but he quickly removed. Now there is only Uno Carb, contact the Russian Mafia Anywhere City.

Uno Carb death

Uno Carb is the last contact is still alive, so Claude steals a car and get to the location. Uno Carb low his car and shoot trying to kill Claude, Claude seize the moment and kills quickly.