The Getaway

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The Getaway
Joey Leone giving Claude instructions.

Joey Leone giving Claude instructions.
For Joey Leone
Target Bank of Liberty
Location Trenton, Portland, Liberty City
Fail Wash up the Leone Family mobsters
Reward $30,000
Unlocked by Dead Skunk in the Trunk

The Getaway is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by Joey Leone from his garage in Trenton, Portland, Liberty City.


Note: The mission is only accessible between the hours of 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Joey offers Claude one last job - to assist a few friends of his in a bank robbery, with Claude acting as a getaway driver. The player must find a four door vehicle and pick up Joey's friends in at a hideout in Saint Marks, before driving to the Bank of Liberty branch in Chinatown. The three bank robbers attempt rob the bank, returning after gunshots, screaming and a ringing bank alarm are heard. Using either the Pay 'n' Spray in the Red Light District or police bribes, the player must lose the police before dropping the robbers at their hideout.


Joey Leone: What a ride she's gonna be, huh? Alright, listen. Get some wheels to the safehouse at St. Marks and pick up a few friends of mine. They're hittin' a bank and they need a driver. I gave my word that you were the man, so don't screw this up. Get them to the bank before five o'clock, not a minute after.

(Claude gets a vehicle, drives to the robbers hideout and then to the bank in Chinatown)

Bank Robber: Keep the engine running we'll be in and out in no time.

('The robbers enter the bank, fire their guns and quickly flee the bank, getting into the vehicle)

Bank Robber: Get us out of here!!


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000 per surviving burglar, up to $30,000 if all 3 were safely delivered to their hideout.


  • Joey mentions the player requiring he pick up the robbery team by "five o'clock", but the time they decide they can no longer wait for the player depends on when the player starts the mission.
  • On occasions, three robbers storm into the bank, but only two or one leave, implying the robbery had not gone smoothly, as one or two of them has been killed or is abandoned. Technically, this variance depends on the manner in which they respawn from within the bank, and differs between each replay.
  • If the player attempts to pick up the team with a Coach, a caption will read "You need to use a less conspicuous vehicle!".
  • Completion of this mission is not required in order to finish the story. However, completing the mission Last Requests will permanently disable this mission, preventing the player from achieving 100% completion.


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