Tonya Wiggins

Tonya Wiggins
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Tonya Wiggins
Aliases Queen of Forum Drive
(self titled)


Gender Gender::Female
Nationality American
Home Strawberry, Los Santos
Family JB Bradshaw (husband)
Main Affiliations Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Sharonda Mills
Tanisha Jackson
Lahronda Whitfield
Keeara Nelson
Keeara Nelson
Demarcus Bradley
Colin Daniels
Nia Briscoll
Occupation Prostitute
Voiced by Brianna Colette

Tonya Wiggins is a character in the HD Universe appearing as a Strangers and Freaks character in Grand Theft Auto V. She is voiced by Brianna Colette.

Character history

Tonya Wiggins is the wife of JB Bradshaw and an old friend of Franklin Clinton, his former girlfriend Tanisha Jackson and Lamar Davis having attended Davis High School. When Franklin was thirteen he kissed Tonya behind a Burger Shot restaurant. By 2013 she had begun dating Bradshaw, which led to her becoming a drug addict. She began to spend her days outside a liquor store on Forum Drive and was at one point given 'notice again'. Her statements on her Lifeinvader page suggest she had begun to work as a prostitute and would also ask if people wanted their nails done, having got a certificate for cosmetology. She asks Franklin, on five separate occasions, to cover for her husband, who is too 'sick' to work, as a tow truck driver as she does not know how to drive. Franklin agrees and encourages her to get clean once again, which she attempts but relapses. She continues to support Franklin who many of his friends believe was working as a rent boy and tells her friends to wait for her repayment of loans made to her and JB.

Mission appearances



While serving as a Strangers and Freaks character for Franklin, Tonya can still be approached by Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips while in free roam. There is no mission for Michael or Trevor, however there is character specific dialogue. Tonya will have the same dialogue for both characters until the player clicks Right on the D-Pad to speak with her.

Constant Dialogue

Tonya Wiggins: Hey, cracker, why don't you get over here and give a girl some fun?
Tonya Wiggins: Listen I got a few miles on the clock, but I sure know where I is goin and how I's gonna get there.
Tonya Wiggins: What you doing round here white boy? You look real lost in bandit country.
Tonya Wiggins: Ol' Tonya will take care of that ass.
Tonya Wiggins: Anybody want a good time, cause Tonya ain't nothing but a pa-a-arty!
Tonya Wiggins: Come on, I'll show you a real good time. Real good.
Tonya Wiggins: Come on, let ol' Tonya treat you real nice.
Tonya Wiggins: I ain't got no diseases, I ain't got nothing wrong with me.
Tonya Wiggins: Clean and serene, baby!
Tonya Wiggins: Come on over here, I'll show you something, I'll show you something good.
Tonya Wiggins: I've been around the block, and trust me it's a fine-ass block.

Michael's dialogue

Michael De Santa: Come on, seriously?
Michael De Santa: Hey, let me ask you a question... You get a lot of "bidness" using those lines?
Tonya Wiggins: I do a'ight."
Michael De Santa: Whoohoo, a'ight then. I'm sure you do.
Tonya Wiggins: What you scared of? Shit.
Michael De Santa: Me, shit, I'm scared of a whole lot of things. Hey, you take care now.
Tonya Wiggins: Wait. I'd show you a good time, I like a big boy.

Trevor's dialogue

Trevor Philips: I have to ask you something.
Trevor Philips: Eww. What exactly are you on, lady?
Tonya Wiggins: I'd like to be on you, sugar.
Trevor Philips: I've got very low standards, but even I ain't gonna sink that low.
Tonya Wiggins: Hey, fuck you, man. Shit
Trevor Philips: We kind of established that that ain't gonna happen.
Tonya Wiggins: Look, I got a husband - he just needs money!
Trevor Philips: Mmm. No, he needs a divorce, lady.
Tonya Wiggins: Creepy ass motherfucker. Fuck you. Disrespecting a lady like that. Shit.

Tonya's busy with it. Holla at the beep.

Tonya's voicemail message

Lifeinvader updates

Her own page

(Before the events of GTA V)

  • My Man be many things but least he ain't turfed up like every other homie round here.
  • Queen of Forum Drive right here kickin ass and takin names baby!
  • Can anybody lend me $40 until the weekend?
  • Damn Dakota's baby so ugly no wonder she's gotta be drunk to breastfed it.
  • Crazy the things u lern when u spend your days kickin it by a liquor store.
  • Landlord given us notice again and JB awol AGAIN I need to find a man with rocks in his pants not his pipe.
  • Who seen JB? He aint picking up his phone.
  • Cold 40 and a fat one #breakfastofchampions. I know how to look after my man.
  • Thought JB was down on one knee to propose but he just collapsed L
  • Anybody want me to do their nails? $10
  • What's the deal with that Denise Clinton chanting all that shit about patriarchy? That girl gone and lost it.
  • Must be somethin in the air coz every homie got the tonya fever today!
  • Ballas? Families? What happened to a family man with balls? That's a true pimp in my book.
  • I know its been a while but still cant believe they gave prom queen to Shanice Jenkins. I was the people's choice.
  • Can anyone fill in for JB's shift at the towing yard today?
  • All you bitchz out there look at yoselves before you judge me. I am FUNCTIONAL
  • A new day a new Tonya! This time I really am getting clean!
  • Gettin my groove on to west coast classics. Lovin myself some DJ Pooh right now. I would ride that man into the sunset!!

(After the events of GTA V begin)

  • Starting to think there aint a man out there who deserve me.
  • Lamar Davis who you tryin to fool frontin like you some OG now? I remember you when your balls were stil up inside you.
  • Thinkin back to that night behind burger shot with franklin Clinton. 13 years old and never been kissed. Homie been sweet on me ever since.
  • My man Franklin doin his thing. Even if he got no love for the hood no more he still got his girl's bacl.
  • Just seen Brianna damn that girl been EATING!!!
  • every day with the same gang banging green purple bullshit homies need to man up and know who you is not hide behind no labels
  • Shout to my Forum Drive homeboy Franklin. Don't care what they say about him rentboyin on the side. I owe you, bro.
  • Miracles do happen. JB actually back at work!!
  • Im so lucky I dont have to work out to stay lookin good
  • Representin n Chamberlain hills - why would I ever wanna be no place else?
  • To everyone I owe money to stop bugging youll get it theres an economic crisis on right now.
  • Just heard they canceling the Davis High reunion after last year's shooting :-(
  • Damn I am looking fine as hell today!!!
Franklin Clinton's page
  • where u been hidin playa? JB say u still owes him a 20 from 98? (before the game)
  • All these hot dates people gonna talk :-) 4 real tho u know how to treat a girl right thanks again boo xxxxx
Stretch's page
  • Sharonda said you got out? If you lookin for company im by the liquor store on forum most days. We all got needs. Xoxoxo (following The Long Stretch)
Tanisha Jackson's page
  • That doctor of yours got any friends who can handle this much woman?
Lamar Davis' page
  • If ur on forum drive pass by the liquor store spot me 40 lil spit u 100 :-)


  • The pre-release artwork for Tonya Wiggins states that she is a tow truck driver despite not holding a driving licence.