JB Bradshaw

JB Bradshaw
Appearances GTA V
Full Name JB Bradshaw


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Family Tonya Wiggins (girlfriend)
Main Affiliations Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Tanisha Jackson
Demarcus Bradley
Lahronda Whitfield
Occupation Towtruck driver

JB Bradshaw is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Lifeinvader user and is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V. He is the boyfriend of Tonya Wiggins and has a job as a tow truck driver.

Character history

JB Bradshaw, by 2013, had gained employment as a tow truck driver, started a relationship with Tonya Wiggins and become a drug addict resulting in him being 'sick' from work on a frequent basis. He begins to become desperate for money with Tonya asking for someone to lend her $40 on her Lifeinvader page, has her ask Franklin Clinton for $20 he is supposedly owed from 1998, asks Lamar Davis for $200, asking for help from Tanisha Jackson, reminding Demarcus Bradley he is owed money and is seen by Lahronda Whitfield on Capital Boulevard 'hustling for quarters'. He and Tonya are also threatened with eviction 'AGAIN'. JB returns to work, after Franklin helps cover for JB on five separate occasions. He and Tonya later decide to get clean together.

Lifeinvader updates

Franklin Clinton's page
  • Good lookin out for your boy I owe u 1 soon as I got myself stra8
Lamar Davis' page
  • Remember that threeway with the girl with the lazy eye from the pizza place? We didn't know who she was telling to do what! Hahahahaha! #oldfriends Can you lend me $200?
Tonya Wiggins' page
  • Phone is outta juice probably jus gonna crash here not feelin so gud. xoxox
  • Hey baby sickness got its claws outta me now ill make it to work tomorrow I swear xoxoxox
  • Sorry I ain't come home in a few days lost track of time u are my world baby I love you.
Harold 'Stretch' Joseph's page
  • The man is back! If u got paper and wanna party u let me kno ok?
Tanisha Jackson's page
  • Now you a rich girl wat about breakin off a piece for your homie?
Demarcus Bradley's page
  • When r u getting out? Don't forget about that $5 u owe me.