Demarcus Bradley

Demarcus Bradley
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Demarcus Bradley


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Bolingbroke Penitentiary
Family Hailey Watson (mother)
Deja Medwell (girlfriend)
Main Affiliations Franklin Clinton
Lamar Davis
Tonya Wiggins
JB Bradshaw

Demarcus Bradley is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Lifeinvader user in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Demarcus Bradley graduated by Davis High School in 2005 and, at some point in his life, had joined The Families street gang. In 2011 he was arrested, although as of 2013 he continues to protest his innocence. In 2013 he is transferred to Bolingbroke Penitentiary and begins to associate with Stretch again. He is later refused parole, expecting to spend every day of his sentence in prison, and briefly goes blind after drinking 'prison wine'. He updates his Lifeinvader page frequently about his experiences in prison: in particular about his cellmate and sexual experiences with the other male prisoners saying that it 'ain't gay if you're both straight'. He warns Franklin Clinton to stay away from D, after he and Lamar had kidnapped D, and Lamar Davis about how angry the Ballas gangsters in prison are following an attack by Franklin, Lamar and Trevor Philips on Grove Street.

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • Still don't know how I got caught, but I'm innocent
  • It's like a Davis High reunion up in here! Half the class of 2005!
  • A fun afternoon of terrifying white collar ciminals
  • My new cellie stinks like rotten ass
  • How are fools like Lamar Davis on the outside and I'm on the inside? Life aint never fair.
  • I got a better tv in here than I do at home
  • Just got a friend request from the guard on my wing. It's a messed up world
  • This new batch of psychiatric meds is awesome!
  • You show emotion, you show weakness. You show weakness, you become female. Prison evolution.
  • I never met a prison dentist who ain't a total psycho.
  • Watching my cellie brush his teeth - if only he knew where that toothbrush had been :-)
  • You can make all the jokes you want about dropping the soap. You drop it in Bolingbroke you sure aint laughing.
  • To all the crazy, lonely ladies out there writing to me in prison, the best way you can show me that you love me is by sending cigarettes.
  • Hearing the Ballas got ripped apart in Davis! Grove Street's coming back where it belongs!
  • I hope this blindness is only temporary. Damn that prison wine fucked me up.
  • I just made the best shank ever
  • It ain't gay if you're both straight
  • Refused parole again motherfuckas gonna make me do every day I know it
  • Shout out to all the Chamberlain Hills crew! Green and proud baby!
  • Since when was spaghetti bolognese grey??? Tasted like someone ate spaghetti bolognese shat it out then left it in the sun for a week. #prisonfoodsucks
Franklin Clinton's page
  • What's this forum thing I've been hearing about? Hope you know what you're doing homie.
  • Lot of talk in here about Chilli D - stay far away from that shit.
  • Grove Street burning!!! Which set ran up on them? Carson Ave?
Lamar Davis' page
  • Two years inside and I aint seen you yet which means either 1) u still a baby g or 2) 5-0 are slippin coz u about the weakest playa I know ;)
  • What are you playin at? Ballas are bugging up in here. Watch your back.
Harold 'Stretch' Joseph's page
  • You must be getting out any day now right?
  • how's it going on the outside? You seein to business?