Trailer Park Mafia

Trailer Park Mafia
Games: GTA Vice City Stories
Leader: Marty Jay Williams
Type: Street Gang
Enemies: Cholos
Vehicles: Bobcat
Weapons: Stubby Shotgun
Baseball Bat
Businesses: Protection racket
Loan shark
Fronts: Trailer park
Members: Marty Jay Williams
Louise Cassidy-Williams

The Trailer Park Mafia, or Marty's Gang in the stats, is a redneck gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, based in a trailer park surrounding the Sunshine Autos Car Showroom, circa 1984. The gang members are depicted wearing shirts emblazoned with the Confederate flag or tank tops and tattered jeans. Their influence spans to Vice City's poorer communities, bringing further suffering to this bracket of the city's population. Their leader, Marty Jay Williams, is murdered by Victor Vance after being prevented from kidnapping his own wife, Louise. Victor and his brother Lance then acquire the gang's businesses as the gang disbands completely. By 1986, the trailer park has been demolished and a large vacant lot takes its place.


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