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GTA San Andreas Stories is a story written by User:BloodyGTA about what happend before the events of San Andreas.It takes place from 1984 all the way to 1987,and talks about all the Grove Street characters such as Big Smoke or Big Bear.


  • Carl Johnson-Co-leader of the Grove Street Families and an old friend of Ryder,Big Smoke,Big Bear,Little Devil,Big Devil,and B Dup.
  • Sean Johnson-Brother of Carl and other co-leader of the Grove Street Families.Also known as Sweet.
  • Ryder-Old friend of Sweet,CJ,Big Smoke,and Big Bear.He is also in charge of the weapons for the GSF.
  • Big Smoke-Overweight member of the GSF.He controlls the recrutement of newer OG members.
  • Little Devil-Brother of Big Devil and good friend with the leading members of the GSF.He controlls the vehicles of the gang.
  • Big Bear-One of the strongest members and strictly loyal to B-Dup.He is a general to the GSF and leads the gang to a battle when there is one.
  • B Dup-Great friends with Big Bear and loyal to Sweet and CJ.He controlls the money that the GSF receive through criminal activities around the city.
  • Big Devil-older brother of Little Devil and loyal frineds with Sweet and CJ.
  • Tony-Only hispanic member of the GSF but still is an important member to the GSF.
  • Emmet-Gun Dealer to the GSF


CJ,Ryder,Big Smoke,and Big Bear smoke weed and are rolling dice in the alley way at 2:00 AM untill Beverly Johnson calls CJ and tells him its a little to late and he goes in the house,the rest keeps playing .CJ walks in the next seeing Ryder and Bear asleep with Smoke eating over 20 stacks of pancakes and using Ryder as a table.

"Smoke you fucked up!" CJ says as he watches Smoke stuffing pancakes and Ryder finally wakes up.

"Oh shit!What the fuck you doin nigga!"Ryder yells with 2 pancakes stuck to his sweater.

"Thats why you love me baby!"Big Smoke replys as he laughs and still enjoying his pancakes.Big Bear wakes up from all the talking and tells them to be quiet.Sweet and Brian walks in and hollers good morning to all of them.Bear and Ryder head back home to eat breakfest.Smoke offers some of his breakfest but CJ quickley declines.CJ walks in to find Big Devil roll out of his house stairs as he tries to skateboard out of his house,with Tony and Little Devil laughing at him in the house.CJalso laughs along with the rest.

"Shut the fuck up man!Like you assholes could be any better."Said the humiliated Big Devil.

"Actually I can,Thats why lend you mah Skateboard nigga!CJ whats cracking."Welcomed Little Devil.Tony starts riding around the culdesac with the skateboard and Big Devil starts smoking a joint.Ryder and Big Bear runs out with 2 pistols in their hands and tells the rest of the group that Sweet and Brian are being attacked by some Ballas gangsters.Ryder and Bear get in Ryder's picardo with Big Devil in the trunck of the car while L.Devil,Tony,and CJ drive in CJ's perrenial.When they got their to see that at least 2 Ballas members had already been killed the rest get out and start shooting untill 1 by 1 Ballas members were getting shot out of no where untill it they see a guy in GSF colors with 2 TEC-9.

"B-Dup!You crazy puta!"Yelled the releived Tony.Sweet asked where they got he got the TEC-9 but couldn't get an answer because an admiral was speeding torwards them,they got ready to shoot untill they saw someone they recognise.

"Chill baby its me,where the fuck are the bitches!"Big Smoke said getting ready to kill.

"B Dup got em all befoe yo fat ass got here!"CJ replyed with disbeleife of Smoke.They all drive back to Grove Street.The gang stays at the Devil's home for a while and everyone heads back to their home.The next day Sweet and B Dup are counting they got from the dead Ballas members

"Only $250 bucks from the cheap mothafuckers shit I wonda how dey get these mothafuckin guns!Hey CJ wats crackin."greeted B Dup as he walked downstairs.

"Got any cash gangsta?I'm broke from thoes cheap ass Devils who asked me money fo beer."Asked CJ starring at the money thay were counting.

"Heres 50."Sweet said handing him the money.CJ drove out until he was stopped by Brian.

"Where ya goin CJ?"Brian asked his brother.CJ said he was heading to Old Reece to get a haircut and going to the Green Bottle Bar.Brian asked him to drive him to his pot dealer.

"You smoke weed?I thought you was like 13."Said CJ with dismay and suprise.Brian admited he started last year and was getting weed from a Croatian drug dealer called Novy.When they got their Brian got out of the car and CJ drove out.Novy looked at CJ rather strangely,he stared at the all green clothing he was wearing.When Brian got his drugs he headed out of the alleyway Novy stopped him.

"I see your brother wears a lot of green.Is he a Grove Street member or he just likes green a lot?"Asked Novy curiosly.Brian responded saying CJ is a co-leader to the family.Novy bids Brian farewell.As Brian leaves Novy runs out and runs to an old house.He knocks and Little Weasel from the Ballas answers.Novy was an associate to the Ballas,unknowingly to Brian.Littlle knew this would be the turning pont for the Ballas.The next day CJ heads downstairs to see blood every where.His mother and sister weren't there and neither was Sweet nor Brian.Carl knew something had just gone wrong.He runs out in his pajamas to find an enraged Sweet beating a ballas member to a pulp shouting.

"NEVER FUCK UP MY FAMILY AGAIN!"with that he made him put his mouth on the sidewalk and stomped him with a curb-stomp.The confused CJ asked what happend and where was everybody.Sweet responded that this guy tried to kidnapp Brian at knivepoint and had awoken Sweet and had attempted to save but Brian was stabbed and so Beverley and Kendle took him to the hospital.The rest of the gang woke up from the comotion and met up.Sweet needed to get rid of the remains of the Ballas member,Smoke suggested eating him,but in the end they buried him in the Devil's backyard.Sweet wanted payback and everyone agreed but how would they get them back?To Be Continued...