User:Carl "CJ" Johnson/Lost Cause

Note: Lost Cause has been cancelled, although the story was never actually premiered or finished.

Grand Theft Auto: Lost Cause was a planned, but cancelled, Fan Fiction story to have been written by Zach Marsh aka User:Carl "CJ" Johnson. It was to be mainly set in the State of San Andreas, and deals with life after the events of the Los Santos Riots in 1992, 18 years later (2010). It had been confirmed to take place in the same canon as Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories, however the series was never actually premiered due to the fact that The Untold Stories eliminated its' purpose. It was the only series by Zach Marsh that never actually premiered.

Initial Plot

Although the series never premiered or finished, as Grand Theft Auto:The Untold Stories eliminated its purpose, Zach Marsh released what was to have been the initial plot of the series:

In 1992, immediately after the death of Frank Tenpenny, the Los Santos Riots are dying down. As the city lays in ruins, with landmarks such as the Los Santos Tower falling to pieces or even destroyed, night falls on the city. By daybreak, the truth is apparently revealed about Tenpenny, and the hatred towards him only builds. However, due to the continued presence of corruption in the LSPD, Tenpenny becomes hailed as a hero as false evidence of his actions during the last day of his life is released. Essentially, it is now believed by all other than Carl and Sean Johnson, and their acquaintances, that Tenpenny didn't steal the firetruck, but rather comandeered it after its' drivers were killed. He was then said to have been on his way to combat fires himself when he crashed and was killed.

In the aftermath, what has survived of the Johnson family finally settles down. Cesar Vialpando, on a beautiful night, takes Kendl Johnson to the top of Verdant Bluffs and proposes to her. She joyously accepts, however afterwards she confesses that she is pregnant.

The story was then set to fast forward 18 years, however what would happen in the aftermath was unclear even to Marsh himself before he gave up on trying to write the series.


The series never actually began, and very early on in its' development it was essentially "cancelled". However, it was finally officially cancelled on July 17, 2011, along with Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories|The Untold Stories and Daily Dude Damage.