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RyanVG is a former Grand Theft Auto fan. Prior to purchasing NASCAR 08, his favorite GTA games were Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. RyanVG also watches NASCAR, the NFL, and IRL racing. His favorite athletes are Terrell Owens, Danica Patrick, and Kyle Busch and his least favorite athletes are Juan Pablo Montoya, Dario Franchitti, and Kurt Busch.

The Truth about the Grand Theft Auto Series that Rockstar Doesn't Want You To Know

From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Grand Theft Auto III: The Backstory


Catalina and Claude Speed go on a bankrobbing spree throught America. They end up in Liberty City while Catalina betrays Claude, who immediately escapes from police custody to pursue revenge

Mid 1990s-2001:

Years after helping the Grove Street Families take over all of San Andreas, Carl Johnson returns to Liberty City for reasons unknown. There, he realized there was a dummy in his mother's tombstone at the cemetery in Los Santos, and she faked her death to be closer to Toni Cipriani, who is CJ's long lost brother. Her real name was Ma Cipriani, not Beverly Johnson.

For years, Carl tried to arrange a reunion with his Moms but strained relations with the Leone Mafia Family (from the incident at Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas) wouldn't let him anywhere near her. Not wanting to go back to Los Santos to tell Sweet the terrible news, he fell in love with a businessman's (Marty Chonks) wife and later killed him after his arch-nemesis Claude aided the late Marty Chonks in killing her for adultery.

As of 2001, CJ owns the dog food factory where he runs his enterprise before he dies sometime before the year 2013 (as he is never seen in Grand Theft Auto 2).

Johnson Family Tree

  • Beverly Johnson (aka Ma Cipriani)
  • Mr. Johnson (Carl, Brian, and Sweet's unknown biological father)
  • Mr. Cipriani (Toni's unknown biological father)
    • Toni Ciprani
  • Giovanni Casa (temporary relationship - killed by Toni Cipriani)