Ma Cipriani

Ma Cipriani
Appearances GTA III
GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name Ma Cipriani
Aliases Momma Cipriani


Gender Gender::Female
Home Home in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City
Family Unnamed husband (deceased)
Antonio Cipriani (son)
Main Affiliations Salvatore Leone (until 2001)
Leone Family
Giovanni Casa (until 1998)
Businesses Momma's Restaurante
Occupation Business owner
Voiced by Sondra James

Ma Cipriani is a character in the 3D Universe who can be heard in both Grand Theft Auto III (set in 2001) and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (set in 1998), although she is not seen during either game. She is widow and mother of Antonio Cipriani, as well as the owner of Momma's Restaurante in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City, which is also her home. She is voiced by Sondra James in both appearances.

Character history

Ma Cipriani and her husband began running their restaurant, Momma's Restaurante, in 1968, with Ma working in the kitchen, 'producing masterpiece after masterpiece' according to Liberty Tree reporter Nicholas Morris. While also raising her son Antonio "Toni" Cipriani. Her husband died at some point prior to 1998, which presumably had a big impact on her as, when comparing him to her son, she speaks only in the highest terms while complaining that Toni is too feminine and will never be the man his father was.

In 1994, while still running the restaurant, she lost contact with Toni who had to go into hiding after killing a leading mobster from either the Forelli Family or Sindacco Family. Toni does not contact her until his return in 1998, although not immediately as he begins to work for Vincenzo Cilli under orders from Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone. Ma, upon seeing her son again, compares him to other men in the city such as Cilli and Giovanni Casa, claiming that he is not as good to her as they are to their mothers. She also complains that he is not tough enough with others, saying that her husband would have killed street racer Dan Sucho long ago.

Toni, in an attempt to win favour with his mother, taking photographs of Casa in a diaper, out racing and then killing Dan Sucho and kill a number of Triads. Ma, however, remains unimpressed saying that it was unimportant that Casa liked wearing a diaper as he was still a better man and complaining that Casa had stopped paying protection after the photographs had been taken, resulting in his death at the hands of Toni.

Ma remains unhappy despite her sons continued attempts to please her and she puts a hit on Toni, helping the hitmen initially locate him at her restaurant when he attempted to visit her. Three waves of hitmen attempt to kill Toni, who manages to escape. Ma continues with her disappointment in Toni until he becomes a made man, finally calling off the hit, complaining about the lengths she had to go to in order to be proud of him. She also phones into Chatterbox on Liberty City Free Radio to complain about Toni to host Lazlow, who calls her Grandma, resulting in her threatening to put a hit on him.

She continued to complain about Toni and his lifestyle, resulting in him moving back in with his mother at some time before 2001, although he continues to be a disappointment. She continues to run the restaurant and tells Claude of notes left by Toni on two occasions. In the same year Toni phones Lazlow on Chatterbox FM to complain about his mothers constant nagging.


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