Valdez Alert!

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Valdez Alert!
Game GTA 2
For Red Valdez
Target Zaibatsu
Location Zaibatsu Village in Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $50,000

Valdez Alert! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by The Zaibatsu Corporation leader Red Valdez. The mission is available from the two yellow Zaibatsu phones in The Village of the Residential District, after Operation Z! and Law Enforcement Larceny! have been completed.


Red Valdez has decided to strike at the Scientists by destroying their Cold Fusion Generators inside their Research Center. He sends Claude on this mission, but not before allowing several of his men to follow.


Red Valdez: "Gecko - Red Valdez here. I want you to infiltrate the SRS Research Center and destroy their Cold Fusion Generators. Some Z-Men will join you shortly."

Red Valdez: "Access to the Research Center appears impossible but we have found a way!"

(Claude drives to the indicated speed ramp and breaks into the SRS Research Center)

Red Valdez: "Super driving, Gecko! Get out of the vehicle and use the Rocket Launcher to destroy the TWO Cold Fusion Generators."

Red Valdez: "There are Anti-Blast Suit Dispensers on the walkways leading to each Generator, Gecko. You can't miss them. But beware the SRS Guards - they won't be so forgiving."

(Claude fights towards the first Generator and destroys it)

Red Valdez: "Generator One ELIMINATED!"

(Claude continues on to the second Generator and destroys it)

Red Valdez: "Generator Two ANNIHILATED!"

(Claude escapes the SRS Research Center)

Red Valdez: "Well done, Gecko. Cold Fusion will remain a laboratory myth. Have $50,000. Stay in touch!"


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000.

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