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You may be looking for Graham, who cosplays as the "Vinewood Zombie" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Vinewood Zombie is a film in the HD Universe that was released in 1981 through the Richards Majestic film studio with Solomon Richards, the studios head, working as the films producer.

Cast and crew

Crew's description

"Eating brains in the land of the brainless"

Voted worst movie of 1981, Vinewood Zombies is so awful that it's awesome.

The premise: Pop music has awoken the dead and they're waging war on Vinewood.

The stars: A cast of blonde, beautiful (and presumably very cheap) unknowns who always seem to get attacked by zombies while topless.
The twist: Zombies are hungry for flesh but hate the taste of silicone. So who can save the day? Porn stars with enormous fake breasts. Genius.

Nobody knows quite why this steaming Solomon Richards turd has floated for so long in the toilet bowl of popular culture. Maybe it taps into the common fantasy we all have of subjecting the residents of Rockford Hills to the most horrendous deaths imaginable. Or maybe we just never tire of seeing sluts in bikinis splatter brains on the sidewalk...'s comments

  • yelloweyes (3/10): This has to be some of the lowest budget gore in horror movie history. Couldn't they even afford ketchup?
  • seltzersnorta (8/10): Any heterosexual geek who doesn't love this movie is neither a heterosexual nor a geek.
  • pusfangirl (9/10): 49th minute when the red headed chick explodes that zombie on Marlowe Drive and says "How's that for a blow-job?" Unbeatable.
  • piddleclassnerd (7/10): Tits and zombies. Nobody can say Solomon Richards doesn't know his audience.