Washington Avenue Multistorey Car Park

Aerial view of the Washington Avenue parking garage, as viewed to the northeast in GTA Vice City.

The Washington Avenue parking garage is a multistorey parking lot in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories renditions of Vice City.


The parking garage is designed as a 3-level structure (having no ground-level floor) that centers a city block in Ocean Beach directly west of Ocean View Hotel, and as such is surrounded from three sides by double-storey commercial buildings, including Rafael's on the northwest corner. Collar & Cuffs is also located on the same block, directly southeast of the garage. The parking garage can be accessed from either the western or eastern side of the block; the eastern side is the main access point, and features a sign pointing players towards the building.

In GTA Vice City, the parking garage is decorated with overhanging vines from the second and top levels; in GTA Vice City Stories, these features are not present.

The street name from which the parking garage takes its name from can be found on the "Washington Ave." signs posted on and around the building; Washington Avenue is a prominent street in South Beach, Miami, lending to the idea the sign and the building are based on those seen along the real-life street.

Prominent appearances in missions

In GTA Vice City, the garage is a prominent destination in "Guardian Angels", when the player is required to pick up a Ruger from the first level of the garage for use in the mission; moments later, Lance Vance arrives to confront the player.

The garage also important in GTA Vice City outside missions. The Stallion on the top floor can be entered to activate the "Cone Crazy" side mission; a unique stunt jump and a rampage are also located here.

In GTA Vice City Stories, the garage is the location of the "PCJ Playground" odd job, which is only available in the PlayStation 2 version.