Riot (GTA VC)

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Avery Carrington talking to Tommy Vercetti in Ken Rosenberg's office

Avery Carrington talking to Tommy Vercetti in Ken Rosenberg's office
Game GTA Vice City
For Ken Rosenberg
Target Spand Express
Location Washington Beach, Vice City
Reward $1,000
Coveralls Outfit
Unlocks Four Iron
Treacherous Swine

Riot is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by lawyer Ken Rosenberg from his office in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti walks into Ken's office and finds him talking to Texas property developer Avery Carrington. Carrington tells Tommy about a small company, Spand Express, who own some prime development land and where refusing to sell it. Avery asks Tommy to destroy the companies' delivery trucks, first starting a riot to distract the security guards. Tommy leaves the office and drives to Rafael's to pick up some overalls, before driving to the Spand Express depot. Once there, Tommy starts a riot by attacking some of the striking workers, before killing the remaining security guards and destroying the three delivery trucks parked there.


Ken Rosenberg: Avery, it goes without saying...Tommy! Tommy! Any progress? No, no, no - tell me later, tell me later. Tommy, this is Avery Carrington - I believe you met at the party?

Tommy Vercetti: Not in person.

Avery Carrington: Howdy.

Ken Rosenberg: Avery here has a proposition.

Tommy Vercetti: Haven't we got other things on our minds?

Ken Rosenberg: I'm trying to keep the wolves from the door, so could you please cut me some slack? I'm stretched like a wire and even if I'm dead by the end of the week, I'd like to think that I didn't die poor.

Avery Carrington: Now just calm down, both of you. Son, you help me and any greaseballs giving you a hard time, I'll see to it they take a long dirt nap.

Tommy Vercetti: OK. What could I do for ya'?

Avery Carrington: This delivery company's got its depot on some prime land. They won't sell. They're hanging on like a big old prairie rat, so we gotta go in there and smoke that vermin out. Head on down there and stir up a hornet's nest. The security will have their hands full and then you can sneak in and put 'em out of business.

Ken Rosenberg: And you could drop by Rafael's for a change of clothes. You might be there a while, but yeah, go for it.

Tommy Vercetti: Should be a riot.

Avery Carrington: If the balls drop like they should, stop by my office sometime...

(Tommy leaves Ken's office)

Tommy Vercetti: Who are these pricks anyway? Lawyer pricks, rug-wearing pricks! I'm surrounded by pricks!

(Tommy drives to Rafaels, changes into some coveralls and drives to the Spand Express depot)

Security Guard: Please disperse. The management will discuss greivences in the proper matter.

Security Guard: Please disperse. This is inappropriate!

Security Guard: Please disperse. Go back to your homes!

Security Guard: Please disperse. You'll end up living on the streets!

(Tommy starts a riot. Spand Express workers begin fighting each other)

Security Guard: Sticks out boys, let's crack some commie skulls.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,000. The missions Four Iron (for Avery Carrington) and Treacherous Swine (for Colonel Juan Cortez) are unlocked. Completing the mission also unlocks the Coveralls Outfit and a baseball bat is available for purchase from Bunch of Tools.

Post mission phone call

Juan Cortez: Hola, is this Mr. Vercetti?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah.

Juan Cortez: This is Cortez. You were at my party?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, I remember.

Juan Cortez: Mr. Vercetti, it was a most unfortunate incident happened with your business deal.

Tommy Vercetti: I know.

Juan Cortez: I want you to know me, and my people are doing thier utmost to get to the bottom of it. If you'd like to talk to me more privately , you can find me at the boat, eh? Good day, senor.


  • It is optional to go to the clothing store. You can go straight to the riot right away.
  • This is one of only two missions where Spand Express trucks are available. Their color is different from the Jury Fury one.
  • The way to keep a Spand Express truck is to hit it (do this close to your garage ) until itstarts letting off black smoke and get in, hit it on walls till it starts burning then crash it inside your garage. The "misson passed" banner will show, but when you go in the garage it would be repaired.
  • After completing this mission, the player can collect a hidden package located at the back of the Spand Express building.
  • If you have grenades or thrown weapons you can throw a grenade into the area and destroy everything without causing a riot. This can also be done by shooting the trucks through the fence with a firearm.
  • After the guards/workers are all dead, the rest of the other faction will fight among themselves just like they're on the riot cheat, and will continue to fight passers-by until death when only one of them is left.
  • After the mission is completed, the rioters will drop a lot of money and killing them all will give you thousands of dollars. However, your wanted level may rise depending on how stealthily you do it.


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