Four Iron

Four Iron
Avery Carrington telling Tommy Vercetti about his problems with a property developer.
Avery Carrington telling Tommy Vercetti about his problems with a property developer.

Avery Carrington telling Tommy Vercetti about his problems with a property developer.
Game GTA Vice City
For Avery Carrington
Target Property Developer
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Reward $500
Country Club Outfit
Unlocks Demolition Man
Leaf Links Golf Course
Unlocked by Riot

Four Iron is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by property developer Avery Carrington from his construction site in Vice Point, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti drops by Avery Carrington's construction site in Vice Point for to look for work after the two met at Ken Rosenberg's office. Carrington informs Vercetti that he has a problem with a rival property developer who is refusing to sell some land he wants. Carrington asks Vercetti to 'persuade' the property developer into selling. Carrington then informs Vercetti that the developer is playing golf at the Leaf Links Country Club and that he'll need a golfing outfit to enter through security.

Vercetti then leaves and stops at the Jocksport clothes store to purchase his new outfit, before driving to the Leaf Links Country Club. Vercetti passes through security, who confiscate his guns. Vercetti then locates the property developer, playing golf at the far side of the course. Vercetti, however, is spotted and security begin to attack him, with the rival property developer fleeing in a Caddy. Vercetti gives chase to and kills the property developer, before leaving the country club.


Avery Carrington: Come in and park yourself on the hide, son. Hell, my daddy used to say, never look a gift horse in the mouth, and by golly, he never did. Would you like a drop of the old Kentucky?

Tommy Vercetti: No thanks.

Avery Carrington: A clean thinker! I like that. Now, the property business isn't all about high-falooting paper pushing. It's about dirt! And the will to claim that dirt! You with me, son?

Tommy Vercetti: Oh yeah.

Avery Carrington: Well, I need some tenacious bastard to let go of some dirt, and you look to me like the guy to persuade him.

Tommy Vercetti: Persuation's my forte.

Avery Carrington: Yeah, he'll be down at the country club, down at the golf course. They don't allow guns, so his bodyguards won't be packing lawgivers. Go beat eight tons of crap out of him. Here now - I got you a membership, and boy you're gonna need more appropriate clothing.

(Tommy leaves Avery's construction site)

Tommy Vercetti: This guy's my new friend. I never had a friend with a wig before...

(Tommy drives to the Jocksport clothing store and changes into the Country Club Outfit)

Tommy Vercetti: Is this me?

Construction Worker: Nice ass baby!

(Tommy enters the Leaf Links golf course and locates the property developer)

Property Developer: Who's this guy? Boys, go deal with him.

Bodyguard: Get him! Kill that damn psycho!


The reward for completing the mission is $500 and the Country Club Outfit. The mission Demolition Man (for Avery Carrington) is unlocked after completing the mission, as is the Leaf Links country club.


  • Tommy Vercetti can enter the country club by jumping on to a small wooden bridge connecting the two parts of the Leaf Links Golf Club.
  • An easy way to complete this mission is to drive a vehicle up to the ramp slightly west of the golf club entrance, jumping onto the car, then jumping over the fence and onto the ramp. You will have all your weapons, including guns.
    • Also, another easy way to complete this mission is to grab a Sea Sparrow or Hunter, then fly into the country club, and kill the property developer with the mounted weapons. The Hunter's rockets will eliminate the target much faster. While the player kills many targets at once, they won't have to worry about getting a 2-star wanted level as the mission is completed by the time the targets, including the property developer, are killed.
  • No matter what time it is when the player enters the pink mission-starter, it will always be 10 A.M. once the mission actually starts.

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