Treacherous Swine

Treacherous Swine
Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that Gonzalez is responsible for the ambushed drug deal.
Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that Gonzalez is responsible for the ambushed drug deal.

Juan Cortez telling Tommy Vercetti that Gonzalez is responsible for the ambushed drug deal.
Game GTA Vice City
For Juan Cortez
Target Gonzalez
Location Ocean Beach, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Gonzalez escapes to the Washington Beach Police Station
Reward $250
Casual Outfit
Unlocks Mall Shootout
Unlocked by Riot

Treacherous Swine is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by retired army colonel Juan Cortez from his yacht in the Ocean Bay Marina, Ocean Beach, Vice City. This mission introduces the player to the Pay 'n' Spray service and the Wanted Level system.


After recieving a phone call shortly after the completion of Riot, requesting his services, Tommy Vercetti pays Colonel Cortez a visit in his yacht. Cortez talks to Tommy about Gonzalez, a man who has been his henchman and trusty companion for years now. It appears Gonzalez owes Cortez a few things, and he has now a great level of incompetency. He claims that the ambushed drug deal was triggered by his loose tongue and orders Tommy to kill Gonzalez, gives him a chainsaw to help him, and tells Tommy that he'll be rewarded.

Tommy goes to Gonzalez' location in Vice Point where Gonzalez is being protected by two members of Diaz' men. Once in the penthouse, Gonzales spots Tommy, freaks out, and runs outside. Tommy quickly chases and kills him, with the police getting alarmed. Tommy, now having a 2-star wanted level, quickly drives to the nearest Pay 'n' Spray or collects Police Bribes to lose the cops.


Juan Cortez: Mr. Vercetti.

Tommy Vercetti: Colonel.

Juan Cortez: Thank you for coming. Please sit, Lobster?

Tommy Vercetti: No - Thanks.

Juan Cortez: I'm ashamed to admit that one of the causes of our mutual problem appears to have been the loose tongue of a man I used to trust. I've been carrying Gonzalez for years, but now his incompetence reaches new heights! It is only right that you kill Gonzalez...

Tommy Vercetti: Did he do it? It's the money that's important to me.

Juan Cortez: For this kindness I'll reward you, and then we will find your money together. He will be at his Penthouse, half drunk probably. Use this... (Cortez hands Tommy a chainsaw.)

(Tommy sees Gonzales)

Tommy Vercetti: I'm going to shut that big mouth of yours!

Gonzalez: Eh! He's got a blade!

Tommy Vercetti: Stop running you fat slimeball!

Gonzalez: Go away from me, you cheap bastard!

(The street outside Gonzales' penthouse, Tommy and Gonzales.)

Gonzalez: Oh sweet Jesus, I've wasted my life and my looks!

Tommy Vercetti: Stand still and I'll make it quick!

Gonzalez: I pay you double, Tommy, DOUBLE!

Tommy Vercetti: Quit your squealing, no one cares, fatso!


The rewards for completing this mission is $250 and the Casual Outfit is available at the Gash store in the North Point Mall. The mission Mall Shootout is unlocked. The player can also keep the chainsaw obtained in the mission.


  • The song heard in the opening cutscene is Summer Madness by Kool & the Gang. It is also featured on the radio station Fever 105.


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