True Crime Extra 48 Victims!

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True Crime Extra 48 Victims! is an article in the Vice City Inquirer.

In a shocking development, the Vice City Police Department has confirmed a recent spate of seemingly unrelated street violence to be the work of a lone, unidentified redneck. A high ranking Vice City law enforcement officer, who wishes to stay anonymous, has revealed to the Inquirer that as many as 48 victims resulted from a recent stretch of unprovocted mayhem by a maniac in a shocking one-man killing spree. Police sources are not revealing the name, but are confident that they have enough evidence to pursue 48 counts of capital murder charges, dozens of weapons charges, and an untold number of carjackings on one local Vice City resident .

The level of wonton destruction is staggering, but worse when you consider it was perpetrated by a lone individual. The suspect in question was apprehended by a citywide manhunt that utilized all aspects of local, state, and federal law enforcement officials. While the military's role in the takedown has not been confirmed, eyewitnesses confirm the presence of tanks and gunships in the area surrounding the anatchy. "This is Liberty City style violence" an unnamed police detective reported. "the individual was able to seemingly roam the streets of Vice City at will, finding countless types of weapons with near limitless ammunition and using them on the public."

Police recovered a host of weapons from the individual, including pistols, rifles, assault weapons, a minigun, rockets, grenades, Molotov cocktails, a samurai sword even remote control explosives and a small helicopter that police claim could be used to remote detonate small explosives charges. It would appear that one lone resident took the open world freedom of Vice City too far. The unnamed suspect was rereleased on his own recognizance and is expected to face trial in the future.