The Rifle and its associated HUD icon
A real Marlin Model 336

The Rifle is a basic lever-action repeater rifle featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hitting the aim button with this won't invoke an auto-target reticule, but instead skips straight to a free-aim mode. Given its lack of a lock-on feature and slow reloading, one might think it is rather pointless to use. However, with a per-bullet damage rate behind only to the sniper rifle, minigun, and desert eagle (at Gangster level and up), it does earn its keep in the hands of a decent marksman. The rifle is based on the Marlin Model 336.

In The Truth's mission Body Harvest, Carl Johnson needs to rob a Combine Harvester from The Farm, just north of The Truth's farm in Leafy Hollow. The workers will start shooting Carl with rifles and attacking with shovels.



  • The Rifle has three weapon skills defined in the game's files, however only one is used in the game.
  • Lacks the cocking animation. Instead, a cocking sound is played and the shooter just stands still until it's ready to fire again. And to add it up, no shells were ejected in each "cock".
  • The Rifle's game model name is cuntgun, short for "country gun."