Abattoir Ave

Abattoir Ave is an avenue, running northwest to south, from Cypress Flats in the north to Elysian Island in the south in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The avenue has connections to Buccaneer Way and Chum St along with a number of small side streets used by dock workers. The avenue enters the Port of Los Santos and makes up roughly one fourth of the ports size.

Events of HD Universe

Trevor Philips, in an attempt to steal something valuable from Merryweather Security Consulting, uses Abattoir Ave to break into the Los Santos Naval Port to steal a Submersible to help acquire the item.




  • The Naval Warehouse, to the south of Abattoir Ave, is guarded by Merryweather Security Consulting and attempting to go through the buildings gate will lead to the player being attacked.