Elysian Island

Elysian Island is an industrial neighbourhood, comprising part of the Port of Los Santos, in Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Elysian Island is bordered by Banning to the north, Cypress Flats to the northeast, Terminal to the east and southeast, Los Santos International Airport to the west and the Maze Bank Arena to the northwest. The southern border is to the Pacific Ocean. The island consists mainly of shipyards, warehouses and businesses with no residential area. The Octopus, Olifantus and The Sea Urchin ships are docked around the island.

Gang control and restricted areas

Elysian Island is controlled by private mercenary and security group Merryweather Security Consulting who control the Los Santos Naval Port and provide security for Pier 400 despite not gaining the relevant permission to do so until sometime between the missions Nervous Ron and The Merryweather Heist in GTA V. There are also two Merryweather buildings, close to Pier 400. Merryweather's control over the Los Santos Naval Port, however, is far greater and entering the port will attract the attention of the mercenaries as well earning the player a four star wanted level in GTA V (although in GTA Online the player is free to explore the building).



Mission appearances

GTA Online

Places of Interest



  • Buzzard (sometimes located at the end of the Los Santos Naval Port)
  • Cargobob (sometimes located at the end of the Los Santos Naval Port)



  • Body Armor (in an unfinished silo north of the Elysian Fields Fwy and underwater south of Chupacabra St)
  • First aid kit (inside the Bugstars warehouse and underwater south of Chupacabra St)
  • Internet access (laptop in the Walker Logistics warehouse)

The neighbourhood is an island connected to the mainland by two roads and part of the island is protected by Merryweather Security Consulting. Floyd Hebert works at the Port on Elysian Island and is briefly joined by Trevor Philips and Wade Hebert as Trevor plans a heist. If the player chooses the obvious approach, the heist takes place on Elysian Island.

Neighbouring areas