Port of Los Santos

The Port of Los Santos, also known as Port of South Los Santos on the games map and LS Port, is a seaport located in the south of Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The port consists of the Elysian Island and Terminal neighbourhoods of Los Santos with Los Santos International Airport located nearby. The port is the busiest in the United States, third busiest in the world and the second biggest port in the world. Merryweather Security Consulting have their Los Santos headquarters in the port, at one of the corners of Chum St and Plaice Pl. They also guard a ship, the SS Bulker, docked in the port and the Los Santos Naval Port on Abattoir Ave. In GTA Online, however, the port is unguarded.

Events of HD Universe

Floyd Hebert began working at the Port of Los Santos in 2003 as a longshoreman. In 2013, Michael De Santa steals a Bugstars van for the Subtle Approach to robbing Vangelico's Fine Jewelry. Later in the year, Trevor Philips and Wade Hebert accompany Floyd to work, with Trevor planning to steal something being guarded by Merryweather despite not knowing what the item is. Trevor later returns to the port to steal a Submersible and, if the Freight Approach is chosen, returns with Floyd, Wade, Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton to steal the item from the ship. Franklin, while helping Tonya Wiggins and her absent husband JB Bradshaw, tows a broken down car on the train tracks on Plaice Pl before taking the car and its owner Phil to a garage. Franklin also goes to the end of Voodoo Pl with Walter to retrieve his niece from The Lost Brotherhood, which results in Franklin and Walter killing the Lost gang members present before escaping.

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