Anna Faustin

Anna Faustin
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Anna Faustin
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1988
Place of Birth Unknown
Age Now 36
Nationality Russian
Home Liberty City
Family Mikhail Faustin (father)
Ilyena Faustin (mother)
Voiced by Krystyna Jakubiak

Anna Faustin is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Appearing as the Americanized daughter of Mikhail and Ilyena Faustin, Anna formerly lived in Beachgate, Broker with her parents. According to Mikhail, she was born in Russia and raised in America ("I bring her here, I spoil her rotten...").

Much to her father's disapproval, she dated a biker, named Jason Michaels. Mikhail had her boyfriend chased down and killed by Niko Bellic. As well as his dislike of her boyfriend, Mikhail is generally extremely abusive of his wife and likely also his daughter.

After her father's death, Anna and her mother had to move into a one room apartment, as the family home was repossessed. She dated another man, who Ilyena suspected was trying to "turn her into a stripper, or worse"; Niko locates this man and you can choose to either kill him or force him to promise to stay away from Anna. If you choose to kill him, IIyena says to Niko that he is like Mikhail (She is pretty upset with this, she asked him not to kill.)

Mission appearance