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File:180px-Sanandreas map.jpg
The red line is the length of the road

The Carson Link is a highway part of the San Andreas Highway System. It links Las Venturas to Fort Carson or Red County if you count the southern part south of the Las Venturas Highway intersection.


The highway starts at the Pilson Intersection at the Julius Thruway. The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Venturas" sign is in the median. About a few hundred yards away the freeway merges and it becomes a fast two-laned highway. It passes the Unnamed Town and a truck stop. Up the long stretch there is the oil pumps and oil factory. The road then begins to curve and goes past the junction to Fort Carson and a Cluckin' Bell. As the road goes on it hits an exit that intersects with the Las Venturas Highway. Then finally, it goes on the Fallow bridge into Red County.

Exit List (including road junctions)

1. - Pilson Intersection

2. - Las Payasadas

3. - Unnamed Town

5. - Truck Stop

6. - Fort Carson

7. - Fast road junction

8. - Las Venturas Highway intersection


9. - Red County