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Fort Carson in Bone County, San Andreas.

Fort Carson is the largest town in Bone County in San Andreas. Unusually, roadside signage of the town indicates an estimated population of 369, far smaller than any town in Red County.


Henry Bolt, Colonel of the 66th Cavalry stationed in Fort Carson, in 1842 led them towards Las Barrancas. The entire force fell into a hole on their journey. A tribute, the Barrancas Mass Grave, stands in memory of Colonel Henry Bolt and his forces. [1]


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It is the county seat of Bone County, as indicated by the small red building in the main street, having been significantly undeveloped as of 1992. North of the town is Lil' Probe'Inn, as well as Area 69, The Big Ear, Green Palms, and Regular Tom, while to the south is the Martin Bridge and Red County. West of Fort Carson is Tierra Robada, while to the east is Hunter Quarry. There is an Ammu-Nation and Cluckin' Bell just outside of town. Strange enough, the Cluckin' Bell just outside of Fort Carson tends to close after 12:00 a.m. (00:00). Fort Carson also boasts five Motels. A miniature version of the Vinewood sign is perched upon a hill on the eastern side of the town, though the name is changed accordingly.

Fort Carson is also briefly seen in The Introduction, following Ken Rosenberg's release from the Fort Carson Medical Center.


Despite being the largest existing town in Bone County, the majority of Fort Carson, like many other rural towns within the county occupies low-rise businesses and residential homes. The desert and subtle country folk flavor of the vicinity contrasts to the glamor and glitz of Las Venturas, only a few miles away. No gangs occupy the area as of 1992, while the crime rate is very low, giving the town a much more positive reputation, unlike those of Glen Park and Verona Beach, where crime persists daily. The architecture of the vicinity is not so spectacular, consisting of small trailer parks and mass block structures. Unlike similar areas such as Montgomery or Blueberry, Fort Carson concentrates more on residential homes rather than large industrial complexes and businesses.

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  • The default radio station around the vicinity is K Rose.
  • On the very edge of north-western Fort Carson is a small tunnel. The tunnel is located slightly north of the Fort Carson Safehouse as you go down the steep incline towards the water, and it ends near the highway that leads to the Sherman Dam and Regular Tom. It is one of the many locations in-game to collect a Police Bribe.
  • Fort Carson is probably named after Carson City, the capital of Nevada. There is an actual "Fort Carson" in Colorado Springs, Colorado, although it is a military base.
  • As a nod to the overall theme of the town, a stately civic building in the center of Fort Carson is modeled after the original Cochise County courthouse in Tombstone, Arizona. Tombstone is well-known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, which epitomized the lawlessness of the American Old West.