Caught in the Act

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      Not to be confused with Caught as an Act.
Caught in the Act
Salvatore Leone telling Toni Cipriani that they're going to 'meet' the Mayor's assistant about Forelli Family Don Franco Forelli.

Salvatore Leone telling Toni Cipriani that they're going to 'meet' the Mayor's assistant about Forelli Family Don Franco Forelli.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Salvatore Leone
Target The Mayor's Assistant
Location Rockford, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Death of Toni Cipriani
Arrest of Toni Cipriani
Death of Salvatore Leone
Death of the Mayor's assistant
Destruction of the Speeder (This also kills Toni Cipriani as well)
Reward $2,000
Unlocks Search and Rescue
Sayonara Sindaccos
Unlocked by The Morgue Party Candidate

Caught in the Act is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone from a jetty in Rockford, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


The mission begins after the player activates the at a jetty in Rockford. At the jetty, Toni to meet Salvatore, who is already waiting for him in a boat. Salvatore then drives the boat to the location of the mayor's assistant, who is on another boat; Salvatore then coerces the mayor's assistant from his boat and to Salvatore's. Salvatore drives off but is pursued by the secret service, who were watching.

The mission is by large a defensive one, consisting of the player defending the fleeing vehicle from hostile attackers, who are armed with AK-47s. Equipped with an M4 with unlimited ammunition, the player is tasked to protect the boat while it travels down the river and is under attack from various members of the secret service, who establish positions on a rock in the river and jetties, as well as ride other boats and a helicopter.

After the player passes Callahan Bridge and destroys the helicopter, the trio's evaders are eliminated, allowing Salvatore to forcefully interrogate the mayor's assistant. After a brief beating, the assistant reveals that the Sicilian Mafia controlled both Franco Forelli and the Forelli Family, fuelling a war between the mob families that would eventually weaken them and allow the Sicilians to take control of Liberty for themselves.

Salvatore drops Toni off at a jetty near Callahan Bridge, before driving off to dump the mayor's assistant in the water.


Salvatore Leone: Toni, hop in!

Toni Cipriani: Where we going?

Salvatore Leone: We're going to have a little chat with the mayor's assistant about Franco Forelli.

(Salvatore and Toni drive their boat to the mayor's assistants location)

Mayor's Assistant: Hey, get off my boat!

Salvatore Leone: You're coming with me.

Mayor's Assistant: You can't do this!

Salvatore Leone: Hurry it up, the secret service will be watching!

(Salvatore gets the boat out of the area but is followed by the secret service)

Salvatore Leone: Toni, look out, gun men on those rocks.

(Salvatore continues to drive the boat)

Salvatore Leone: On the left Toni, left!

(Salvatore continues to drive the boat)

Salvatore Leone: Gunmen up ahead!

(Salvatore continues to drive the boat)

Salvatore Leone: Watch the right, Toni!

(Salvatore continues to drive the boat)

Salvatore Leone: Gunmen on the jetty!

(Salvatore continues to drive the boat, with a helicopter approaching)

Salvatore Leone: Holy shit, secret service coming in by helicopter!

(Toni destroys the helicopter, with Salvatore driving the boat a bit further)

Salvatore Leone: The mayor wouldn't take a shit without Franco Forelli's say so!

Mayor's Assistant: Nobody owned the mayor! Aargh! Wait, wait, you're right! It's those Sicilians... they pushed Franco into it.

Salvatore Leone: The Sicilians? Why?

Mayor's Assistant: They own Franco and they want a war between the Liberty Families. When the dust settles they're coming to take over.

(Salvatore drives to a jetty, dropping Toni off)

Salvatore Leone: Toni, I'll call you later. Right now, I'm gonna flush this turd into the bay!

Post mission phone call

Salvatore Leone: Toni, Sal. Head over to the public phone booth in Torrington. I need to talk. On the way, I want you see an associate of mine in Aspatria. He's gonna help us pile on pressure on the Sindaccos and Forellis.


The reward for completing the mission is $2,000 and unlocks the mission Search and Rescue for Salvatore Leone and Sayonara Sindaccos for Leon McAffrey.


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