Cesar Vialpando (mission)

Cesar Vialpando
Sweet argues with Kendl Johnson about whether she should be seeing Cesar Vialpando.
Sweet argues with Kendl Johnson about whether she should be seeing Cesar Vialpando.

Sweet argues with Kendl Johnson about whether she should be seeing Cesar Vialpando.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Sweet
Location Ganton, Los Santos
Reward Money ($50-$1,000 depending on wager)
Unlocks High Stakes, Low Rider
Lowrider Challenge
Loco Low Co.
Doberman (if Burning Desire has been completed)
Unlocked by Sweet's Girl

Cesar Vialpando is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by his brother, deuteragonist and Grove Street Families leader Sean "Sweet" Johnson and sister Kendl Johnson from Sweet's house in the Grove Street cul-de-sac in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Carl drops by Sweet's house to find that him and Kendl are arguing because Kendl is dating Mexican-American Cesar Vialpando, the leader of a trivial rival gang, the Varrios Los Aztecas. After a while, Kendl leaves, while Sweet furiously orders Carl to go and watch over Kendl in case anything dangerous happens.

Carl goes to the Loco Low Co. garage in Willowfield. Once there, he is given a Savanna by a worker who says he has owed Sweet from way back. Carl modifies the car and then goes to the meet in Unity Station where Kendl and Cesar are going to be. Upon arriving, he competes against a Varrios Los Aztecas gang member in a lowrider competition. After getting more points on bouncing his lowrider's hydraulics, Carl wins the wager he earlier made.

Kendl happily celebrates and hugs Carl just as Cesar shows up and shakes hands. All of a sudden, a verbal argument ensues and one of Cesar's friends tries to start a fight with Carl. Cesar, however, manages to stop it. Things calm down, and Cesar explains that Carl has to accept that Cesar treats Kendl well, and is her boyfriend. Cesar and Carl then introduce themselves to each other, and head to their own ways.


Sweet: I'm tired of you not listening to me, girl.

Kendl: And I'm tired of you acting like you own me. I can see who I want to see.

Sweet: It just ain't right you seeing some cholo motherfucker.

Kendl: Ohh, what - a no good narrow minded hypocrite gangbanger telling me what is right and what is wrong. Let me guess, Sweet - senseless killing right, but a boyfriend from the Southside, wrong?

Sweet: Some things ain't just meant to happen. I mean what if y'all have kids. Leroy Hernandez? That don't sound good, girl.

Kendl: His name ain't Hernandez.

Sweet: Well, Leroy Lopez then.

Kendl: Or Lopez either, you racist fuck! That ain't how Moms raised us.

Sweet: I ain't racist. I just know how they feel about you. And look at you, you're dressed like a hooker!

Kendl: Oh and I guess you two would know what a hooker look like, huh.

CJ: (as he enters) You say it like it's a bad thing!

Kendl and Sweet: Shut up, Carl.

Sweet: I'm just trying to protect you.

Kendl: For what, so I can date one of your mindless friends? I don't think so.

(Kendl leaves.)

Sweet: Don't say a word, Carl. Just follow your sister, before you see another dead sibling. Then you'll know exactly what my problem is. She's meeting him at some cholo car club.

(Carl arrives at a mod garage in Willowfield.)

Worker: So, you must be Sweet's bro' huh? He phoned ahead, said you might be looking for a car that bounces. Well I owe him big from way back, so here, this should do the trick.

(Carl hops in the lowrider.)

Worker: Custom springs should see you hopping all the way home! Try her out. Very popular with the eses - they compete in these things. You can usually find them over by Unity Station. If you ever want to mod your ride, come back any time, man.

(Carl arrives at the meet.)

Varrios Los Aztecas gangster: So you think you can lowride? Well let's see what you can do.

(Carl wins over his opponent.)

Varrios Los Aztecas gangster: You're pretty good for a beginner, eh! I did worse, but you did alright!

(Kendl and Cesar arrive as Kendl hugs Carl tight.)

Kendl: That shit was alright! Eeee! (as Carl releases) So since when has my brother been a lowrider?

CJ: Since Sweet told me to keep an eye on you, make sure that whatever you're dating don't get you in no trouble.

Cesar: Que honda? Nice hopping, holmes.

(Carl shakes Cesar's hand.)

Kendl: Well you just shook that "whatever"'s hand.

Cesar: Come here, baby girl.

CJ: (pushes them away from each other) Hey, get your dirty hands off my sister.

Kendl: Carl! What is wrong with you?

Cesar: (blocks Kendl from Carl) Holmes, you're acting like she's your woman, eh. She's with me, cabron. So chill the fuck out. I treat her good.

Kendl: Look, baby, don't start no shit. Don't make it worse, OK?

Jose: Horale vato. Who's this pendejo?

Kendl: (hits back at Jose) What? Dickhead? That dickhead is my brother!

Cesar: (blocks Jose from striking Carl) Easy, holmes. He ain't from nowhere. He's cool.

Jose: (still blocked) Well I say he ain't cool, holmes. I say he thinks he's gangster, man, and I don't like it. So you know what you can do for me, man? You can fuck off, pendejo, and maybe we cool.

CJ: No, you fuck off, I'm talking to my sister.

Kendl: (pushes Carl further away) Carl!

Cesar: (stops Jose) Jose, c'mon, holmes, I can handle this. This is important to me.

Jose: (to Carl) Horale pendejo you lucky. That's right, you lucky Cesar's spoken for you. (to his fellows) Vaminos muchachos. Let's get some fucking beer, huh. I'm thirsty.

Kendl: (after Jose and fellow Aztecas leave) Carl! What the hell were you thinking?

Cesar: (tries to calm her down) Look, baby, go get in the car, OK, I'm gonna speak to Carl.

(Kendl sits in Cesar's car as Cesar turns to Carl.)

Cesar: Look, holmes, I love your sister. I honor her, she's my girl for life. This is why I stopped you from being skinned just then. You got a problem with me, fine, we don't have to be friends. But Kendl, she's happy with me, carnal.

CJ: (thinks for a while and responds) Yeah, OK, I guess we're cool. For now.

Cesar: Cesar Vialpando.

CJ: Carl Johnson - CJ.

Cesar: Cabron! You got a nice ride there, holmes. Maybe we'll get to kick it again soon, eh?

CJ: Yeah, maybe.


The reward for completing this mission is the amount of money chosen for the wager. The mission High Stakes, Low Rider is unlocked, as well as the Lowrider Challenge side mission. Loco Low Co. and TransFender mod garages are also unlocked, where the player can modify his vehicle. If the mission Burning Desire has been completed beforehand, the mission Doberman is also unlocked.

Post-mission Phone Call

CJ: Who's this?

Cesar: Hey, what's up homie, it's Cesar Vialpando, cabron, que honda?

CJ: You seen Kendl?

Cesar: Yeah, she's with me, she's hanging around. I just called to say that you drive cool and you like cars, eh, so ...

CJ: Yeah, okay, where we going with this?

Cesar: Well, you wanna make something a little money?

CJ: Does the pope shit in the woods?

Cesar: I don't know, but if you say, there's gonna be plenty of made to be made racing.

CJ: You talking illegal street racing, hell yeah?

Cesar: No hoopties, holmes, just lowriders. Nice ones, they gotta be nice or you don't get in, eh?

CJ: Okay, I'm in. When and where?

Cesar: Drop by the spot in El Corona. I'll take you to the meet, vouch for you. These guys ... these guys can be very nervous to new racers, eh!


  • Kendl can be seen taking a pink jar of Slick-O-Greese Sex Lard with her at the beginning of the mission before she goes to see Cesar.
  • When Carl is confronted by Cesar's gang members, the one speaking, Jose, has a character model similar to that of the San Fierro Rifa member being beaten up by T-Bone Mendez seen in The Introduction.
  • Grove Street Families gangsters can be recruited during this mission and are later seen in the back of the car during the challenge.


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