Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment
Niko Bellic finds Roman hiding in a dumpster.
Niko Bellic finds Roman hiding in a dumpster.

Niko Bellic finds Roman hiding in a dumpster.
For Roman Bellic, Mikhail Faustin, and Dimitri Rascalov
Target 3 Delivery Vans
Location Hove Beach, Broker, Liberty City

  • Don't pull over vans in time
  • Spook away any van drivers
Reward $200
Unlocks Do You Have Protection?, Most Wanted, and Vigilante
Unlocked by Uncle Vlad

Crime and Punishment is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to protagonist Niko Bellic by cousin Roman Bellic from a dumpster on Tulsa Street in Hove Beach, Broker, Liberty City.


Niko arrives to the location where Roman said he would be and couldn't find him. Roman appears out of the dumpster and tells Niko that he is being followed because Niko killed Vladimir Glebov. Niko dismisses Roman and says that all they care about is money so he plans to work for Vlad's employer, Mikhail Faustin. Andrei appears from behind Niko and knocks Niko out. He orders Roman to get out of the dumpster.

Niko wakes up in the basement of Mikhail's house. Andrei questions Niko and wants to know who is he working for. Niko plays around but Andrei doesn't like it and hits Niko with a hacksaw. Mikhail comes into the basement to be surprised at what is going on. He asks Niko is it right to kill his employee and Niko answers yes, if he is an asshole. Mikhail then says he agrees, and shoots Andrei in the head with a pistol. Mikhail spares Niko's life because Vlad was nobody to him. He wants Niko to do some work for him. He wants Niko to steal a van full of TVs so he can make a sale. Niko wants Roman untied but Roman screams once he is ungagged. Mikhail shoots Roman in the stomach to quiet him down. Dimitri freaks out at Mikhail shooting people. As Mikhail leaves, Dimitri unites Niko and tells him to steal a police car.

Niko finds a police car and calls Dimitri. Dimitri informs Niko that the van is driving around south Broker but doesn't know where exactly it is. Niko is forced to pull over random vans and asks the driver if they have any TVs. Niko finally finds one that does. The driver warns Niko that Kenny Petrovic is looking after this stuff. Niko steals the van and drives it to the lockup on Dukes Drive. Roman calls Niko that he is stitched up and is fine.

The reward for this mission is $200, and unlocks police side missions; Most Wanted and Vigilante. It's followed by the mission Do You Have Protection?.


Niko needs to get a police car after the cutscene. There should be one arriving a few houses away from Mikhail's, though the player may simply use a cheat to spawn an FIB Buffalo. The officer inside will exit the car and run away, so the player can steal it without getting a wanted level. The player will call Dimitri after that, who tells Niko to keep pulling vans over until he finds the TVs.

There should be three target vans. Get to one of them. Turn on the siren and stay close to it until it stop. Exit the car and walk up to the driver. A cutscene will show Niko inspecting the van for the TVs. An easier method to complete the mission is to look for the van with 2 occupants, pull over the van and a short cut-scene will play, after which the van's passenger will shoot at Niko. Kill the attacker, steal the van and follow the GPS route to the lockup.


There is a $200 monetary reward for this mission. The mission Do You Have Protection? and the side missions Most Wanted and Vigilante are unlocked.



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