Drusilla's frontage, GTA IV.
Featured in Grand Theft Auto IV
Locations At the intersection of Feldspar St & Denver Ave in Little Italy, Algonquin, Liberty City.
Billboard advertisement.

Drusilla's is an Italian restaurant owned by Ray Boccino in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is located on Denver Ave in Little Italy, Algonquin. The restaurant pays protection to the Ancelotti Family. Boccino gives jobs to protagonists Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz at this restaurant. The restaurant is featured on the website www.peepthatshit.com as well as in the Grand Theft Auto IV manual. The restaurant can be visited on a date or outing with a friend.

The only known workers of the restaurant are an unnamed maitre'd, an unnamed waiter and Ray Boccino. It is unknown who took over Drusilla's after Ray's death. The interior of the restaurant is visible only during cutscenes. Inside, there are a few tables around the restuarant and a kitchen. Drusilla's also features a basement seen in the The Lost and Damned mission "Was It Worth It?" If the player does manage to glitch into the restaurant, the interior will consist of a large black room.