Denver Ave

Denver Avenue is one of Algonquin's seven North-South Avenues, based on New York's Sixth Avenue extending for seventeen blocks and serving inner east Algonquin. It starts at its Northern Terminus at the intersection of Wardite Street in Northwood. The avenue continues south through East Holland for three blocks until it reaches Topaz Street. Like its counterpart, Exeter Ave, Denver Avenue is positioned as such that its path is obstructed for six blocks by Middle Park between Topaz Street and Nickel Street. As a result, these two avenues do not continue south beyond Topaz Street but re-emerge as a combined avenue on the other side of the park. The larger combined avenue, Denver-Exeter Avenue, extends south for seven blocks through the heart of Liberty City, acting as one of the two major thoroughfares through Star Junction and The Triangle. Upon reaching Garnet Street, the combined avenue ends and Denver Avenue continues southbound from a staggered junction slightly further east. The Avenue returns to its two-lane structure, and allows northbound travel again, in the same condition as in Uptown. Denver Avenue boasts a cobblestone terrain as it passes through Little Italy between Feldspar and Emerald. The Avenue continues south into City Hall before eventually terminating at the South Parkway intersection in The Exchange.

The street could be named after the state capital, of the same name, of Colorado.