FIB Building

The FIB Building is a high rise federal building and the west coast headquarters for the Federal Investigation Bureau in the Pillbox Hill neighbourhood of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. Based on Two California Plaza, it is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the Los Santos skyline. Its design is similar to the IAA Building, and the two buildings share a common plaza. However, the FIB Building is distinguished from the IAA Building by its skylight.

Events of the HD Universe

Corrupt FIB Agent Steve Haines wants Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton to infiltrate the building to recover or destroy incriminating data on Haines as he comes under scrutiny for his actions. Michael and Lester Crest stake out the underground parking entrance to the building to follow a janitor home to obtain his uniform and ID badge. Franklin later follows the FIB Building's architect to steal the skyscraper's blueprints so Lester can find the building's vulnerabilities. Michael and Lester then decide on how to raid the building.

When Michael and his crew infiltrate the building, the building's upper floors sustain heavy damage. If Michael decides to raid the building by posing as firefighters, Michael first poses as a janitor to plant explosives in the men's restroom and in a locker in the mail room on the 49th floor. If Michael decides to parachute onto the building's roof, the crew's chopper slams into the side of the building after a FIB Buzzard shoots it down. After the heist, the building is seen with tarps covering the damage.


  • While the FIB and IAA Buildings are based on California Plaza, the curtain wall of both buildings is based on the Aon Center.