Architect's Plans

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Architect's Plans
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Franklin Clinton
Objective Steal the architectural blueprints for the FIB building and set the plans to raid it.
Location Pillbox Hill, Los Santos
Fail The architect realizes that he is being followed
Unlocks Fire Truck
Legal Trouble
The Bureau Raid
Doting Dad
Unlocked by Reuniting the Family
Time Limit 45 seconds (to leave the construction site, for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Architect's Plans is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to and for protagonist Franklin Clinton at the Mile High Club construction site in Pillbox Hill, Los Santos.


Franklin calls Michael De Santa, telling him that he is following Chip Peterson, the architect of the FIB Building. As Franklin enters the construction site, a worker hands him a hard hat. Franklin follows the architect up to a higher level. When no workers are around, Franklin knocks out the architect and takes his briefcase and leaves the construction site, returning to the Darnell Bros. garment factory. When Franklin arrives with the blueprints for the FIB Building, he, Michael, and Lester Crest lay out their plans to raid the FIB Building.

Heist preparation

After reviewing the blueprints, Lester comes up with two options for raiding the FIB Building: either go into the FIB Building posing as firemen after planting bombs in the building beforehand or hack the mainframe on site, landing on the roof to access the server room.

Fire Crew Approach

If Michael chooses the fire crew option, Michael goes into the FIB Building posing as a janitor with the ID acquired while casing the building. Michael mops up the floor and plants the bombs in strategic locations to ensure the building maintains integrity. After the APB goes out, the crew disguised as firemen goes up to the 53rd floor to steal the hard drive containing Agent Steve Haines' files and escape.

Michael or Franklin will need to steal a Fire Truck and acquire a getaway vehicle and park it discreet location close to the FIB Building. For the crew, Lester states that two gunmen are needed. Although Lester doesn't anticipate any resistance, since Michael is going in at night when the tower is sparsely occupied, he tells Michael that they are entering a burning high-rise. If the player chooses Gustavo Mota and/or Packie McReary, they will survive the heist; however, if Michael selects any low-level gunmen, they can potentially die depending on the crew load-out.

Roof Entry Approach

If Michael chooses the roof entry option, Lester states that Michael's FIB paymasters will have to supply a helicopter and pilot. The crew flies above the building, parachute in, and gain access through the roof. Lester warns that the crew needs to be well armed, as agents are likely to be in the building when they discover their secure server room is compromised. For the crew, Lester states that a hacker, gunman, and getaway driver are needed. The hacker remotely guides Michael in accessing the FIB's mainframe. The gunman assists Michael and Franklin in holding off any resistance while the network is being hacked. The driver sources a getaway vehicle for the crew to escape in.

If the player selects Paige Harris, she will competently guide Michael through the hacking process and shut off the sprinklers. If Christian Feltz is chosen, he will also competently guide Michael through the hacking process; however, he will be unable to disable the sprinklers unless he previously participated in The Jewel Store Job. If Rickie Lukens is chosen, he will be unsure of how to hack the mainframe, forcing Michael, Franklin, and the gunman to fight off the FIB for a longer period of time, and he will be unable to disable the sprinklers; however, if he participated in the Jewel Store Job, then he will properly guide Michael during the hacking process but won't be able to disable the sprinklers.

If the player selects either Gustavo Mota or Packie McReary, they will have stronger weapons to engage the FIB and won't fire upon the police during their getaway. If the player selects a low-level gunman, then they will have weaker weapons and have the possibility of blowing the crew's cover during their getaway.

If the player selects either Eddie Toh or Taliana Martinez, they will show up on time in an Ambulance, allowing the crew to stealthily leave the scene if the gunman holds his fire. If Karim Denz is chosen, he will show up late in a conspicuous vehicle, forcing the crew to fight off the police and the FIB for longer than necessary, and Michael or Franklin will have to evade a 4 star wanted level; however, if Karim was used in the Jewel Store Job, then he shows up on time in an Ambulance.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Quick Getaway Leave the construction site within 45 seconds.

Video walkthrough

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