Flying High

Flying High
Mike at the first location
Mike at the first location

Mike at the first location
Game GTA Advance
For Cisco
Location Aspatria, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $10,000
Unlocks Factory Wages

Flying High is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Colombian Cartel leader Cisco from a jetty in Newport on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Cisco has begun to make some shoes with empty heels, in order to smuggle drugs past metal detectors at Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale. Cisco tells Mike to deliver the shoes to some shops he has on Staunton Island. Mike drives to the first location in Bedford Point where the shop manager refuses to take them, feeling that nobody would buy them without an athletes endorsement. Mike drives to the second location, also in Bedford Point, with the shop manager taking the shoes. Cisco pages Mike and tells him that Ares, his main competitor, have informed the police about the shoes and the police the begin to chase Mike, who manages to lose them. Mike drives to the third location, also in Bedford Point, and meets Pat, who refuses to take the shoes until Cisco pays him for work he had for Cisco the week before. Mike drives back to Cisco, who tells Mike to go to a butchers he owns and fill the heel with dog meat and to tell Pat that the meat is the remains of his dog. Mike does so and then returns to Pat, who then begins to shoot Mike with help from Rafael, Georgie and Tomas. Mike kills Pat, Rafael, Georgie and Tomas.


Cisco: Mike, let me tell you something of my business. You're ignorant or even stupid perhaps, amigo, so I will speak slowly and simply. I'm involved in the airline business; I love to travel and sit in the leather chairs of first class sipping martinis and looking at the lovely ladies. But where was I? Oh yes, travel. Due to the tighter airline regulations and metal detectors, I've begun a business of designing shoes with heels that contain no metal and have a very comfortable air pocket in the middle.

Mike: By 'air pocket' you mean, a place to store your drugs to smuggle into the country, don't you?

Cisco: This is a very delicate matter, amigo and it wounds me - much like you did recently in fact - to hear you speak so bluntly. These products are purely for economic reasons, deliver these supplies out front to three of my shops. We're in a fierce stuggle for market share with Ares, our main competitor, and they'd exploit any bad press. How does my face look today? It feels puffy.

Mike: You look like any other drug pusher in a fancy suit. I'll be seeing you.

(Mike drives to the first location)

Man #1: No one's going to buy these without an athelete's endorsement. What is Cisco thinking?

(Mike drives to the second location)

Man #2: Yes, the latest style. People can put their IDs, keys, and other collectibles in the soles of their shoes. Brilliant!

(Mike drives off)

Cisco (pager): My friend, watch out! My competitor, Ares, has tipped off the cops. Cisco.

(Mike loses the police and drives to the third location)

Pat: Ahh! Knee-high boots with a 12-inch wooden heel! Very popular among vertically challenged people. Fabulous! Tell Cisco I'll get to work on these right away once he pay's me for last week's work.

Mike I don't know about what Cisco owes you, but I do know that if you don't do what he says, you'll end up dead in a gutter.

Pat: Rage all you want but I'm a stubborn gal! The testoserone in some men! Tell Cisco this - Pat won't do any of his dirty work until he gets what's owed him!

Mike: We'll see what Cisco has to say about this.

(Mike drives back to Cisco's location)

Cisco: Ah, amigo, you are back early I see. Did you run into difficulties?

Mike: Pat won't work on those knee-high boots you sent him until you pay up from last week.

Cisco: The nerve of some women! I tell you that back in my country, my word went unchallenged and my debts unpaid! What to do about this... A favorite family member, perhaps... Yes! Pat has a doggie she loves. I will kidnap this doggie - in the meantime, head over to a butcher's shop I own. Get some ground meat and stuff it into this pair of hollowed-out shoes. Tell her she'll meet her doggie's fate if she doesn't cooperate! Perhaps that will be incentive enough for her to continue her work!

(Mike drives to the butcher's shop)

Mike: Cisco sent me to get some ground meat from you. Anything that looks like dog meat would work.

Mike at the butchers.

Butcher: I don't want to know, so I won't even ask. Here's a crate of day-old organic meat that went bad on me.

Mike: Messy business, stuffing raw meat in a small hole. Poor Pat, I hope he doesn't break down on me.

(Mike drives back to Pat)

Pat: What's the meaning of this? Shoes stuffed with raw meat? Despicable!!

Mike: Cisco sends his warning - next time it'll be you not your doggie in a blender.

Pat: Poochie? My poor Poochie!!! Raphael, Tomas, Georgie. Lend me your hands. Animal cruelty will not be tolerated!

(Mike kils Pat, Raphael, Tomas and Georgie)

Mike: Man before beast, Pat. Remember that.

Cisco: Amigo, I would cry in happiness for your success if I wasn't wearing silk.

Post Mission Page Script

Cisco: Pay your respects at my door, amigo. Cisco.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. The mission Factory Wages is unlocked by completing the mission.

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