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The Freight Train Challenge is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that involves the player transporting freight around the state in a Brown Streak or a Freight under a time limit. The challenge is available after all three islands have been unlocked, since it needs delivery to all five stations scattered around the state, namely Unity Station, Market Station, Cranberry Station, Yellow Bell Station and Linden Station. Like most side missions, it is activated by pressing the submission button. The challenge is completed when both levels have been completed; it is failed when either the train is derailed, the time limit expires, a station is missed, if the vehicle is abandoned or if the submission button is pressed.


  • Stay within the 40-45MPH speed limit, in this way it is guaranteed that you will reach each station on time.
  • Depending on the speed the train is moving at, begin to slow down around 500 meters from the station and slowly approach it within a 20MPH speed limit.
  • If following the tip above, once you can see the red marker that indicates where to stop after loading the cargo, begin to slow down to 5-10MPH until you successfuly land on the marker.


  • Level One: Stop at five stations.
  • Level Two: Stop at five stations.


  • $50,000 for the completion of both levels and free train rides.


  • Starting the side mission will clear the player's wanted level.