In Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes and Grand Theft Auto V the player will have friends or family in their lives and gain the ability to hang out with them and use their perks. Some friends are obtained later in the game while others are already associated with the main character. However in GTA V the perks are taken out of friendships are just an optional side event that the player will have to initiate themselves. The only thing the player will gain is information on the characters during the conversations.

During an interview with 1UP, Sam Houser noted that he personally had been obsessed with relationships within video games and was interested in creating feelings for characters within the game.[1]



  • Brucie Kibbutz is so far the Friend who has made the most appearances, appearing in four games. Brucie appears physically in GTA IV, and The Ballad of Gay Tony, while his website and radio ad can be heard in GTA V, and he can be contacted directly in order to buy bull shark testosterone from him in Grand Theft Auto Online. He is followed by Roman Bellic (appearing in GTA IV, TLAD and TBOGT), and Patrick McReary (appearing in GTA IV, TBOGT, and GTA V).
  • Patrick McReary, Brucie Kibbutz, Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons are, to date, the only Friends of a protagonist to return from the GTA IV Era and appear in Grand Theft Auto V or Grand Theft Auto Online. (However Brucie is only seen on his website and heard on the phone, and pictures of both Little Jacob and Roman Bellic can be seen on Niko Bellic's Lifeinvader page.
  • The Lost and Damned allows you to hangout with three friends at once, the largest in any other game.
  • GTA V offers the choice to hangout with more than one friend (In TLAD and TBOGT it was mandatory) opening up different and new dialogue. However this depends which friends you chose to get together.