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The following is a list of the cast and crew for Grand Theft Auto 2 and GTA 2: The Movie.

Cast and crew


Claude Speed Scott Maslen
Zaibatsu hitman Ian McQue
Billy Bob Bean Nick Conroy
Monk in Step Van Sam Houser
Voices Kim Brockington
Melina Bruin
David Deblinger
Neal Feinberg
Ian Fulton
Bruce Kronenberg
Lynn Lambert
Daniel McDonald
Steve Miller
Fred Newman
Gary Penn
Innes Ricard
Jill Tasker
Saiko Yoshida


Directed by: Alex De Rakoff
Jamie King (GTA 2: The Movie)
Written by: Michael Keillor
Produced by: Gary Foreman (technical producer, as Gary J. Foreman)
Scott Hornbacher (line producer)
Sam Houser (executive producer)
David Jones (executive producer)
Jamie King
Colin MacDonald
Tina Schofield-Nicholson
Wayne Smithson (technical producer)
Music by: Colin Anderson
Bert Reed
Stuart Ross
Paul Scargill
Cinematography by: Robert Benavides
Rob Benevides (director of photography)
Film editing by: Joshua Schwarz
Casting by: Judy Henderson
Production design by: Michael Krantz
Art direction by: Jeremy Blake
Costume design by: Sophie De Rakoff (credited as Sophie Carbonell)
Production management: Rob Benevides (production director)
Sam Houser (production lead)
Assistant directors: Darin Berlin (second assistant director)
Nick Conroy (first assistant director)
Art department: Stephen Banks (designer)
Jeremy Blake (front end designer)
Martin Good (artist)
Neil Landstrumm (designer: front end animation)
Ian McQue (lead artist)
William Mills (designer)
Andrew Strachan (artist)
Billy Thomson (designer)
Alisdair Wood (artist)
Bentley Wood (assistant art director)
Sound department: Colin Anderson (audio manager/sound effects)
Craig Conner (sound producer)
Adrian Hirst (audio programmer)
Fiona Robertson (additional sound effects)
Paul Scargill (audio programmer)
Raymond Usher (audio programmer)
Allan Walker (sound effects/sound mixer: movie/sound)
Camera and electrical department: Lenny Bass (gaffer)
Samson Chan (assistant camera)
Clifford Charles (electrician)
Melissa Cohen (assistant camera)
Michael Koepre (grip)
Kamisi Norwood (electrician)
Mike Reyes (key grip)
Christian Franz Stab (grip)
William Steward (electrician)
Larry Troesken (grip)
Music department Craig Conner (instrumentation, producer and writer: music for GTA 2: The Movie)
Robert De Negro (vocals, GTA 2: The Movie)
Terry Donovan (music editor)
Michael Keillor (musical director)
Anna Stewart (vocals, GTA 2: The Movie)
Production team: Jeronimo Barrera
Terry Donovan
Sam Houser
Jamie King
Kristian Sorge (production assistant)
Programmers: Brian Baird
Greg Bick (programming support)
Anthony Brownbill (programming support)
Keith R. Hamilton (lead programmer)
Ray Larabie (programming support)
Daniel Leyden
Iain Ross
Graeme Williamson
Development team: Emel Akiah
Nigel Conroy
Adrian Hirst
Jim Woods (development manager)
Game designers: Lorne Campbell (game designer: bonus level)
Michael Stirling (game designer: bonus level)
Game testers: Pete Armstrong (credited as Peter Armstrong)
Richard Arrowsmith (additional tester)
Sam Attenborough (additional tester)
Tim Bates (credited as Timothy Bates)
Martin Berridge (additional tester)
Eric Booker (additional tester)
Kit Brown
Thomas Lee Brown
Jim Collins
James Cree
Gregory Dimech (credited as Greg Dimech)
Craig Filshe
Simon Gilman (additional tester)
Denby Grace
Filip Gracz
Chris Greatbatch (credited as Chris Greatbach)
Eddie Hayden
Adam Holbrough
Nick Huggins
Richard Huie
Alan Jack
Lee Johnson
Charlie Kinloch
Sergei Kuprejanov
Chris Lacey
Mark Lloyd
Greg Mathews (credited as Gregory Mathews)
Neil McCaffrey
Wayne Mellors (additional tester)
Eric Neilson (lead tester)
Stephen Orr
Jay Penney
Chris Pritchard (additional tester)
Adam Rabin (lead tester)
Blair Renaud
Stephano Riallo (additional tester)
Phil Rodkoff
Brian Shelton
Gary Sims
Nick Sneddon
Sean Taylor
Steven H. Taylor
Jim Thompson
Luke Warhurst (additional tester)
Daniel Webster (additional tester)
Jonathan Wilson (additional tester)
Stephen Woodward (additional lead tester)
Ed Zolnieryk
Other crew: Craig Arbuthnott (quality assurance supervisor)
Lee Campbell (test supervisor)
Michael Dailly (additional supporter)
Phil Eckford (test supervisor)
Kenneth Giblin (technical support)
Julian Glendinning (technical support)
Matt Gorman (product manager)
David Jones (creative lead)
Jung Kwak (package designer)
Brian Lawson (additional support)
Steve Lycett (quality assurance manager)
Shaun McKillop (map editor)
John Miewald (miscellaneous crew
Neil Morton (technical support)
Karen Mui (package designer)
William P. Nance (location manager)
David Paterson (additional supporter)
Andrew Patterson (additional supporter)
Thanks: Jeff Castaneda (special thanks)
Kenneth Fee (thanks)
Aaron Garbut (thanks)
Kevin Gill (special thanks)
Steve Hodgson (thanks, credited as Steve Hodgson)
Eric Joseph (thanks: Mediaspec UK)
Jennifer Kolbe (special thanks)
Paul Kurowski (thanks)
Pamela Lawrence (thanks: Mediaspec UK)
Paul McGeechan ()thanks: Paw Paw Productions)
Donald Robertson (thanks)
Sheldon Steiger (special thanks)
Andy Warnock (thanks: Mediaspec UK)