Grand Theft Wiki:Copyright Templates

See: Category:Copyright Templates for a complete list of copyright templates
In brief... When you upload an image, you must add a template from this page to show who created/owns it, and what permission we have to use it on this site.

Certain templates can be used on articles and images to display the copyright information for that page, section or image. Using templates is preferable to manually writing the copyright information for reasons of completeness, categorisation, relevant links and updatability.


All contributions to Grand Theft Wiki fall under CC-BY-SA. Any content you create does not need a specific template attaching to it, since the History page shows that you created it, and Grand Theft Wiki's CC-BY-SA licence allows others to use it under certain conditions. This includes any content you write from scratch, even if there are brand names or short quotes from games.

Any content that you do not create yourself, such as whole paragraphs copied from other sites, needs to be correctly attributed. We need to know where ALL our content came from. If you do not do this, you are saying you created the content yourself, and if this is not true you will fall foul of Copyright laws, Grand Theft Wiki policy and your moral obligations as an editor.

If you need to reference a quote or similar copied text, simply explain where it came from or provide a link. Try to do this without disrupting the article, such as by using Wikipedia:References.


Just as with articles, we need to know where images have come from.

For all images uploaded to Grand Theft Wiki, you MUST add a copyright template. This is required on EVERY image, so that we know where every image has come from.

I created the image myself

If you create the image yourself, you can use one of these templates.

Name Template Description
CC-BY-SA {{ccbysa}} You created this image yourself, from scratch, and are releasing it under the CC-BY-SA licence. This allows others to use it, so long as they link back to Grand Theft Wiki.
No Copyright / Public Domain {{no copyright}} You created this image yourself, from scratch, and are releasing it into the public domain. This means anyone can use the image for any purpose, without any restrictions or requirements.
GNU Free Documentation Licence {{fdl}} You created this image yourself, from scratch, and are releasing it under the GNU Free Documentation Licence.
Copyright but used with permission {{permission}} You created this image yourself, from scratch, and retain all Copyright. You are providing permission for Grand Theft Wiki to use it in any way.

Screenshots of GTA games

Using of Grand Theft Auto games on this wiki is believed to be a fair use of the games' content, as they do not detract from the experience of playing the game, replace the purchase of the game or otherwise take any rights away from the games' publishers.

All screenshots on Grand Theft Wiki should have a screenshot template (listed below) on the image's page. This will also add the relevant game's screenshot category to the image.

An example of this is {{gtaiv screenshot}}:

Grand Theft Auto IV logo

This is a screenshot of Grand Theft Auto IV - a copyrighted video game by Rockstar Games.

On Grand Theft Wiki, it is believed that the use of web-resolution screenshots, for identification and critical commentary on the game in question or the copyrighted characters or items depicted on the screenshot, qualifies as fair use under Copyright law, as such display does not 'significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material', is 'not being used to generate profit in this context', and presents ideas that 'cannot be exhibited otherwise'. Grand Theft Auto IV is a copyrighted game, developed and published by Rockstar Games. To re-use this image, you must link back to this page.

See Grand Theft Wiki:Copyright for more detail on our copyright policy.

Game Template
Grand Theft Auto 1 {{gta1 screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto 2 {{gta2 screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto III {{gtaiii screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City {{gtavc screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas {{gtasa screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto Advance {{gtaa screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories {{gtalcs screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories {{gtavcs screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto IV {{gtaiv screenshot}}
Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned {{tlad screenshot}}
The Ballad of Gay Tony {{TBOGT screenshot}}
Other GTA game {{screenshot}}
GTA Modification {{mod screenshot}}
Manhunt {{Manhunt Screenshot}}

Other templates relevant to games:

Name Template Description
Extracted media {{extracted media}} This is media extracted from a GTA game, such as images exported from the game's files. Not a screenshot, but we believe still fair use.
Artwork {{artwork}} This refers to artwork for GTA games, such as box art, posters, desktop wallpaper or similar.

Other licences

If you did not create the work yourself, but you believe that it can be used on this wiki, use one of the following templates.

If you know it uses a specific licence that is not listed here, you can use text to explain it instead.

Name Template Usage Description
From Wikimedia / Wikipedia / Commons etc {{From Wikimedia}}
{{From Wikimedia}}
This image came from Wikipedia or another Wikimedia site. Please link back to the original image's page.
Public domain {{no copyright}}
{{no copyright|author name}}
{{no copyright|Joe Bloggs}}
This image is already in the public domain and can be used by anyone for any purpose without restriction.
Copyright (but fair use) {{fairuse}}
{{copyright|Joe Bloggs}}
This image is copyright but its use on Grand Theft Wiki is believed to be fair and reasonable
CC-BY-SA {{ccbysa}}
This content is licensed under the CC-BY-SA licence. Please also specify where it came from.
GNU Free Documentation Licence {{fdl}}
This content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation licence. Please also specify where it came from.
Copyright BUT used with permission {{permission}}
This content is copyrighted BUT we have permission to use it on Grand Theft Wiki. Please also specify who the creator is, and specifically what permission we have been given.
Flag {{flag}}
This image is the flag of a nation, country or region.