Grand Theft Wiki:Policy

These articles document the official Policy of Grand Theft Wiki. See also Category:Policy

About Grand Theft Wiki

  • About - Information about Grand Theft Wiki
  • FAQs - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the way this wiki works

Rules and guidelines

  • About Policy - This page outlines what policy is, and the processes behind it
  • Rules - The rules of Grand Theft Wiki must not be broken on any accounts
  • Behaviour - Our expectations of users on Grand Theft Wiki
  • Disputes - How to handle disagreements and arguments on this site
  • Enforcement - The enforcement of rules, guidance and policy on Grand Theft Wiki

Copyright and Privacy

  • Licensing - Information regarding use of Copyright/licensed material on or from Grand Theft Wiki
  • Privacy policy - The use of user's private data held on or by Grand Theft Wiki
  • Copyright templates - Templates for marking Copyright or Copyleft content and images
  • Licence Termination - A notice that the licence of content to Wikia has been termianted

Article content

  • Style Guide - Guidelines for layout and style of articles
  • Create - How to create an article, and guidelines for page titles etc
  • Consistency - Making sure content is consistent across the wiki
  • Canon - What are considered to be "true" descriptions and events in the GTA series
  • Featured articles - How articles are given "featured" status
  • Languages - How to read/edit Grand Theft Wiki in languages other than English
  • Protection - Locking specific pages to prevent them being edited
  • Speculation - What speculation, extrapolation and educated guessing is permitted
  • Style Guide - Guidelines for the style of articles
  • Titles - Article title naming conventions


  • Staff - The different levels of staff, who they are, and how to apply
  • Groups - The different user groups in use on this wiki
  • List of Rights - The rights afforded to each user group
  • Promotion - The process for promoting users to becoming staff
  • Enforcement - The enforcement of rules, guidance and policy on Grand Theft Wiki
  • Patrolling - The process of checking edits for quality and identifying problems


  • Cleanup - The process of keeping Grand Theft Wiki's articles clean, correct and consistent
  • Deletion - Guidelines for the processes behind deleting pages on Grand Theft Wiki
  • Vandalism - Guidelines for how to deal with vandalism, and what counts (also NSfV)
  • No Shrines for Vandals - Do not make vandals feel powerful or successful - similar to 'do not feed the trolls'