Kincaid Bridge

Kincaid Bridge in GTA San Andreas, as viewed from Tierra Robada. Garver Bridge is visible in the background.

Kincaid Bridge is a rail bridge in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas spanning Easter Bay, connecting San Fierro and Tierra Robada in San Andreas. The bridge is part of the Brown Streak Railroad, the state's primary rail system.

It is modeled after the Forth Bridge outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Like the Forth Bridge, the Kincaid Bridge sits alongside a road bridge, which is also modeled after its Scottish counterpart, the Forth Road Bridge, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which would be more relevant to the setting of the game. Like its progenitor, Kincaid Bridge sports a cantilever design and an orange-red color.

Kincaid Bridge provides something of a northern boundary for the restricted sea and airspace surrounding Easter Basin Naval Station. Straying too far south of the bridge on the San Fierro side runs the risk of obtaining a 4-star wanted level.


  • Minigun: Atop the concrete archway on the San Fierro side; it is only accessible after unlocking the desert and Las Venturas areas.


  • Due to the size and height of the Kincaid Bridge, there is a small chance of airplanes crashing and exploding on the beams of the bridge.