Game GTA V
GTA Online
Type of business Gasoline retailer
Location(s) Brouge Ave in Davis, Los Santos
Little Seoul, Los Santos
Mirror Park, Los Santos
Banham Canyon, Blaine County
Grapeseed, Blaine County

LTD, also known as Limited Gasoline, is a gasoline retailer based in Los Santos. The garages do not become open to the player to enter until after the introductory missions for both Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa have been completed. Each station has a jerry can between gas pumps that can be collected for use as a weapon later. The convenience store can be used to purchase health snacks and sodas to replenish a characters health, use an ATM to check the characters bank balance or to access the internet via computer in a back office, although this may increase the players wanted level. The store can also be robbed, usually netting between $120 and $950.


  • P's & Q's - $1 (+%12 HP) "The candy that kids and stoners love."
  • EgoChaser - $2 (+%25 HP) "The energy bar that's all about YOU."
  • Meteorite - $4 (+%50 HP) "Dark chocolate with GOOEY core."

The store also contains a soda machine, where soda may be purchased for $1.



LTD Gas Station is often referred to as the "convenience store" where players can perform armed robbery. Armed robbery is performed by aiming a gun at the clerk and waiting for them to empty the register. More can be read about the subject in Armed Robbery in GTA V.