Armed Robbery in GTA V

Armed robbery can be performed in three different ways in Grand Theft Auto V. A player can rob an NPC at a number of ATM locations, rob a convenience store, or rob a Securicar. An armed robbery can net a player between $12-$8,000 depending on what or whom they rob. As the armed robbery cash reward increases, the opportunity to perform the armed robbery decreases. On average, NPC robbing can be done an unlimited amount in a day, convenience store robbing can be done about 3-5 times a day, and armored trucks only when found (around once a day/two days).


Performing an armed robbery in GTA V is a simple way to increase the amount of cash that the player can have independent of the main storyline. There are three effective ways to perform armed robbery in GTA V which yield a reasonable amount of money. Robbing an NPC typically yields the lowest amount of money, with killing them on the street averaging about $12. NPCs may be killed/knocked unconscious while standing at an ATM for an average yield of $36. Convenience stores may be held up, yielding on average about $600. The highest yielding and most risky robbery may be performed by robbing an Armored Truck for an average yield of about $6,000. It is highly recommended that the player have an automatic weapon if they choose to rob a convenience store, and is required to rob an armored truck effectively.


  • Robbing an NPC: Typically between $0-$30
  • Robbing an NPC at an ATM: Typically between $30-$120
  • Robbing a Convenience Store: Typically between $400-$950 ($120-$240 if failed)
  • Robbing an Armored Truck: Typically between $3,500-$8,000

Wanted Stars:

  • Robbing an NPC, at an ATM or on the Street: 0-1
  • Robbing an Convenience Store: 1-2
  • Robbing an Armored Truck: 2

The Getaway

Armed robbery in GTA V must be carefully planned, except when robbing an armored truck. In the case of an armored truck, it is imperative that the player acts as quickly as possible to keep the guards from getting into the truck. If the player attempts to pursue an armored truck with a Wanted Level, it is very difficult to stop them due to the power of the vehicle. If possible, even with an armored truck robbery, set the car intended to get away in towards an open street with at least three different choices for direction of travel. This will typically allow the player to pick a street without police presence heading toward the players location. After the player performs the armed robbery, quickly move to an alley way or another location off the main streets with multiple getaway options, and significantly far away from the location where the player performed the armed robbery. This will ensure the quickest decrease of the wanted level.

Robbing an NPC at an ATM

ATMs can be found nearly ubiquitously throughout Los Santos, and are a basic way for the player to access their bank accounts without the phone. Occasionally, players may see an NPC getting money out of an ATM. These NPCs getting cash typically hold more than a normal NPC. Normal NPCs roughly hold $10-20, while an NPC standing at an ATM will typically hold between $30-120. If the NPC notices the players presence, they may leave the ATM. Once they do so, they give a normal amount of cash. Robbing an NPC at an ATM requires the player to incapacitate the NPC to get their money.

Occasionally, a side mission event will come up from an NPC getting their wallet stolen from an ATM. The NPC shown by a blue dot running from the scene will typically have $500 when the player catches them. If the player chooses to bring the wallet back to the NPC it was stolen from, they will take $450 and leave the player with $50. It is unknown whether returning the wallet benefits Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, or Trevor Philips.

Additional tips
  • Robbing an NPC at an ATM may or may not increase the players wanted level depending on witnesses, but it is always good to have a getaway car set up properly to do so if needed.
  • Certain banks and locations have a higher turnover rate of people accessing ATMs.
  • Hanging around ATMs will make NPCs very cautious of the players presence and make them unlikely to use them. If the player is preying on a specific bank of ATMs and waiting for an NPC it is best to keep a good distance.

ATM Locations

ATMs are extremely prominent throughout Los Santos. Here is a list of spots with multiple ATMs grouped together, increasing the chance that the player will find an NPC using one:

  • Downtown (Need Specifics)

Robbing a Convenience Store

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A broken 24/7 cash register after a store robbery.

Holding up a convenience store is one of the easiest ways to make small amounts of money in GTA V. Robbing a convenience store typically yields between $400-$950, but if the player kills the clerk before he empties the register it only nets between $120-$240. Robbing a convenience store may be performed by entering either a LTD filling station, a 24/7 Supermarket or a Rob's Liquor Store (found in many locations in Los Santos) with any of the characters, drawing the players weapon, and aiming it at the store clerk. Some store clerk will submit and he will begin emptying out the register into the contents of a plastic bag. Typically bystanders will run away unless affiliated with a gang. Once the clerk is done, he will throw the plastic bag at the player if they are near the register, or throw it on the ground in front of the register if they are further away. At this point the players wanted level will be raised to one star. Once the player exits the building, the wanted level will be raised to two stars. The player may choose to jump over the counter and shoot at the other register that the clerk did not empty out for an additional $0-$120. The second register can occasionally be empty. Jumping the counter for extra cash can be risky as it allows the police to cover much more ground during this time, but can be worth it if the player is comfortable with escaping the area.

Robbing a specific convenience store more than once in a short period can be problematic. If the store clerk recognizes the player he will either run away or pull out a shotgun, causing a failed robbery attempt. This usually requires that the player kill the clerk or allow him to run. His identifying the player can be combated by switching characters or outfits. When the player fails a robbery attempt, they can still get money from the convenience store, but the player must hop the counter and shoot the registers until cash pops out. This typically at most will yield $300.

Additonal tips
  • Do not rob the same convenience store more than once in a few days without changing your outfit.
  • Draw an automatic weapon on the clerk and be ready to fire if he pulls a shotgun.
  • Occasionally store clerks will pull out a shotgun after they give the player the money. It is a good idea to keep a gun drawn until they scream or run.
  • Use a Point of Interest to mark the locations of the LTD filling station that the player can rob to easily come back to them later.
  • Pick a fast getaway car, and put it near the door in case neighborhood gang NPCs turn on the player after robbing the store.

LTD filling station locations

There are a few LTD filling stations throughout Los Santos.

Robbing an Armored Truck

Robbing an Armored Truck requires swift action once the player sees the event marker. When an armored truck is available to be robbed, the mini map will quickly flash and a blue dot will show up. The players response time to robbing an armored truck could mean the difference between a swift getaway and a ten minute chase across the city. The goal of robbing an armored truck is to get the metal briefcase where the money is stored. Armored trucks always have two guards with body armor and (at least) pistols. Any acts of aggression towards the guards or the truck is equivalent to an attack on the police. If the player reacts quickly enough, they may get to the armored truck as one of the guards is walking the briefcase to the truck. Kill this guard, kill the other guard if the player sees them, grab the briefcase, and get back into a getaway car.

Breaking into the Armored Truck

If the briefcase has already been put into the back of the armored truck, but the guards have not gotten into the armored truck, there is still a chance to get the briefcase easily. Get out of the players car, and quickly attack one of the guards before they enter the truck. Once the player engages one of the guards, the other one will attempt to engage the player in combat instead of driving away. Once they have been neutralized, take a high caliber automatic weapon (not the shotgun as many have suggested) and shoot in the middle of the door handles on the back of the truck. 15-20 shots should open the back, flinging the briefcase out with it. Pick up the briefcase and getaway.

Pursuing an Armored Truck

If both of the guards are back in the truck there is little hope in getting to the briefcase. Unfortunately, this is the only way to engage a roaming armored truck. The player may shoot the back of the truck to open it and get the briefcase, but it is important to make sure the player gets in well-placed shots before the truck drives away. Again, attacking an armored truck or its guards automatically raises the wanted level to two stars and will make them flee. Armored trucks are incredibly difficult to pursue, and require a very fast car to even keep up with them, let alone fire at the doors. The trucks have the ramming energy of a concrete mixer, so stopping them with force or PIT maneuvering is nearly impossible. The only way deal with them is to run them off the road or into a tree/building/wall. Once the player does this and are sure that they will not be moving anymore, shoot the back of the truck quickly and engage the guards if necessary. If the player thinks they may keep moving, stay in the car and shoot at the back in drive-by mode.

Due to the high yield from robbing an armored truck, if the player believes dying is inevitable after they get the briefcase, let it happen. The player will typically only lose only $500 or so from medical costs due to getting wasted. Pursuing an armored truck across the city can gather a lot of police attention.

Additonal tips
  • Place a Point of Interest whenever the player runs into an Armored Truck being loaded with money and drive by that point often.
  • The mini map will flash when an armored truck is being loaded, alerting the player to its presence. It will also flash if the player identifies a roaming armored truck with money.
  • There may be a schedule to the loading of the armored trucks, but it is difficult to determine without more research.

Armored Truck locations

Armored Trucks can be found either at event locations or roaming the street. If the player sees an armored truck on the street, they will not be carrying money unless they show up as a blue dot. Any acts of aggression towards the armored truck or its drivers will immediately raise the wanted level as if they had attacked the police. Armored trucks at event locations are very rarely, and only show up sporadically. Continue to drive by these points and the player will come across them eventually.

Armored Truck event locations can be found:


  • Changing the players outfit will keep store clerks from recognizing them.
  • The Gruppe Sechs Armored Car is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game and capable of ramming nearly anything.

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