Meltdown (film)

Meltdown is a film in the HD Universe produced by the Richards Majestic studio in 2013. Solomon Richards is the executive producer while Michael De Santa received an associate producer credit for helping out Solomon during the troubled production of the film. The film is directed by Anton Beaudelaire and stars Milton McIlroy. The film plays a significant role within Michael's character arc in Grand Theft Auto V.

The film takes place in Liberty City, Algonquin, however it is all actually filmed using green-screen and on sets located in the back lot of the Richards Majestic studio in Los Santos, San Andreas.

Production history

After working for Devin Weston, Michael meets his idol Solomon Richards, and Solomon tells Michael that the production of the movie is in trouble. Michael helps Solomon by retrieving lead actor Milton and director Anton from Rocco Pelosi's club in East Los Santos. Both Milton and Anton intended to renegotiate their contract with the studio; however, Michael manages to intimidate the two into returning to the studio. Pelosi and his associate Gianni later beat up Solomon for screwing up his planned contract renegotiation, and Michael retaliates by killing the two. Solomon rewards Michael by naming him as associate producer. Just as the film is almost complete, Weston and his legal counsel Molly Schultz reveal that they plan to prematurely end production of the film so he can collect a large insurance payout. Michael chases down Molly for the only supposed existing copy of the film, resulting in her accidental death in the process when she is sucked into a jet engine. Solomon reveals to Michael that he had several digital backups of the film, and plans a premiere at the Oriental Theater so Weston can't try to can the movie again. Despite mixed reviews of the film, Meltdown proves to be a financial success for the Richards Majestic studio.