Milton McIlroy

Milton McIlroy
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Appearances GTA V
Full Name Milton McIlroy


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Main Affiliations Solomon Richards
Anton Beaudelaire
Rocco Pelosi (former agent)
Voiced by Quincy Dunn-Baker

Milton McIlroy is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Quincy Dunn-Baker.

Character history

Milton McIlroy is, in 2013, a Vinewood based actor with "zero talent" according to Solomon Richards, which allowed Solomon to hire him on the cheap for his latest film Meltdown despite having appeared in numerous films earlier in his career. One his earlier films involved Milton playing a polar bear who had to eat his own cub. Milton had, however, attempted to become a serious actor despite being successful enough to earn a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame. He began shooting the film but after becoming a client of gangster turned agent Rocco Pelosi leaves the set along with the films director Anton Beaudelaire.

The two plan on signing a contract with Pelosi but, as they are about to take off in a helicopter from Rocco's club, are 'convinced' by Michael De Santa to return to the set and continue shooting the film. Upon their return to the Richards Majestic film studio, Milton apologises to Solomon and thanks him for the opportunity. Milton finishes the shoot and is seen at the films premiere where he is briefly interviewed by and quickly shuns Lazlow after mentioning one of his earlier films.

Mission appearance