Game GTA V
For Trevor Philips
Objective Steal a Submersible and bring it to Pier 400
Location Port of Los Santos
Fail The sub is destroyed
Unlocks The Merryweather Heist
Unlocked by Scouting the Port

Minisub is a heist setup mission in Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is required for both the Offshore Approach and the Freighter Approach.


Trevor Philips receives a text message from Wade Hebert stating that he found a Submersible for The Merryweather Heist at the Port of Los Santos on a ship called the Daisy Lee. Trevor drives to the port and finds the sub on the ship. After freeing the sub, Trevor calls Floyd Hebert, telling him that he needs to store the sub. Floyd tells Trevor to bring the sub to Pier 400 on the Western Docks, where a truck is waiting for Trevor. When Trevor arrives at the pier, Floyd retrieves the sub and loads it onto the truck. After securing the sub on the trailer, Floyd and Trevor store the truck in a nearby warehouse.


(Trevor receives a text from Wade.)

Wade Hebert: I seen a sub, Trevor. Down at the docks on a ship called Daisy-Lee. U cld like snap the ropes somehow or maybe they is some switch to drop it. W4de \m/

(Trevor goes to the docks and steals the Submersible. Floyd calls over the radio.)

Floyd Hebert: Trevor?

Trevor Phillips: Floyd. I've got that submarine we talked about. You got to help me store it for a few days.

(Floyd doesn't answer.)

Trevor Phillips: Floyd... don't go quiet on me. Or I'll come round and... and I'll... well... we both know what I'm talking about.

Floyd Hebert: Okay, umm, alright. Bring it around to Pier 400 at the Western Docks.

Trevor Phillips: On my way.

Floyd Hebert: Look. I'll have a truck to bring you around the warehouse.

Trevor Phillips: What's this? The Union man doing an honest day's work?

Floyd Hebert: There's nothing honest about this, sir. This is a dishonest day's work, if I ever seen one.

Trevor Phillips: Hey, we're not hurting anyone.

Floyd Hebert: No, no one except whoever owns that submarine, and the... and the mercenary folks on the freighter.

Trevor Phillips: Do some research on Merryweather Security Consulting, friend. They'd be on trial for humans rights offenses if the US government didn't protect all its contractors from any kind of suit - military or civilian. They're immune from prosecution, and they behave like they are. Murdering, stealing, high on power, guns and anabolic steroids. Lucky bastards.

Floyd Hebert: Look, I don't know about that stuff.

Trevor Phillips: You're right, you don't. Merryweather are employed by the richest, greediest scum on the planet to shit on the poorest and the neediest. So we're going to enjoy shitting on them.

Floyd Hebert: Oh great. Well, I look forward to that.

Trevor Phillips: Okay. Well that's more like it.

(Trevor arrives at the docks.)

Trevor Phillips: Floyd. You there?

Floyd Hebert: Yes, sir. I'm on the crane. Surface and I'll bring you shoreside.

Trevor Phillips: Alright.

(Floyd picks up the Submersible and lowers it onto the back of a truck.)

Trevor Phillips: What are you doing? It's done! Let's go! Let's go!

Floyd Hebert: Oh, okay. Alright.

Trevor Phillips: Hurry up!

Floyd Hebert: Oh, God. Alright, here we go.

(Floyd climbs into the passenger seat of the truck.)

Floyd Hebert: Alright, I'm here.

Trevor Phillips: Jesus...

(The two drive off with the truck.)

Floyd Hebert: It's around the corner, at the shipyard.

Trevor Phillips: Is that sub covered properly?

Floyd Hebert: It'll be fine if we just get there.

Trevor Phillips: Are you being short with me?

Floyd Hebert: No, no. No, no sir. I am certainly not being short. I'm just not used to this kind of pressure.

Trevor Phillips: If you turn a crew onto a score, you got to be ready for the heat that comes with it.

Floyd Hebert: I didn't turn anyone onto anything. You threatened and cajoled and tricked me...

Trevor Phillips: You don't want a cut, just walk away.

Floyd Hebert: I can't walk away, you're robbing my workplace, and running the show from my home!

(The pair arrive at the shipyard.)

Floyd Hebert: You can park it there.

(Trevor parks the truck and they both exit.)

Trevor Phillips: You're sure it'll be okay there?

Floyd Hebert: Umm, sure.

Trevor Phillips: Alright. If you're wrong, I'll eat your sweet meats. Now get out of here.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 8 minutes and 30 seconds.
No Boarding Steal the sub without boarding the ship.

Video walkthrough

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