Floyd Hebert

Floyd Hebert
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Floyd Hebert


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013 (during Hang Ten)
Nationality American
Home La Puerta, Los Santos
Family Debra (fiancé)
Wade Hebert (cousin)
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips
Occupation Longshoreman
Voiced by Jimmy Ray Bennett

Floyd Hebert is a character the HD Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Jimmy Ray Bennett.

Character history

Floyd, while growing up, did not have a close relationship with his cousin Wade and once stole a pencil while in elementary school, which he continues to regret. In 2003 he began working at the Port of Los Santos as a longshoreman and later became involved in a relationship with Debra, a businesswoman with an apartment in La Puerta. In 2013 his cousin Wade makes contact with he and Trevor Philips moving into Debra's apartment while she is on a business trip. Floyd, through fear, gets Trevor and Wade passes to work at the Port where they scout the area and a Merryweather protected freighter. Fearing for his job, especially when Wade is taken by a supervisor, he inadvertently assists Trevor in his plans to steal something from the port. Floyd later returns to his apartment, which has been covered in faeces by his cousin Wade, who had been attempting to clear up a sewage leak, while Trevor also destroys a picture of Debra to write his plans to rob Merryweather on the wall.

Wade and Trevor continue to live with Floyd, with Trevor physically and emotionally abusing Floyd. It is also implied that Trevor sexually abuses Floyd as on many occasions they will wake up in the same bed, Floyd will be wearing Debra's pink pajamas and crying, while Debra's teddy bear Mr. Raspberry Jam is used for sex by Trevor. Floyd is eventually left on his own when Trevor and his friend Michael De Santa are forced into hiding, allowing him to redecorate the apartment before Debra's return. The two later make peace with Martin Madrazo and return to Los Santos. Trevor returns to Debra's apartment where Floyd asks him to leave. Trevor, however, kicks the front door down and terrifies Debra, who demands that he leave. Trevor refuses and Debra pulls out a pistol while Floyd pulls out a knife. Trevor kills both Floyd and Debra, but while leaving bumps into Wade. Not wanting to reveal the truth to Wade, he takes him to the Vanilla Unicorn, a strip club Trevor takes over, keeping him distracted with nonstop lap dances.


Floyd is portrayed as a very timid man and very reluctant in getting into Trevor's schemes. His fiancé is the dominant figure in the relationship, and she does not appreciate him, as she cheats on him with a man named Bob.

Mission appearances


Lifeinvader updates

Wade Hebert's page
  • You have to get that psycho out of here. Debra will kill me.
  • Please tell him to leave Mr Raspberry Jam alone! I'm begging you!
  • Finally he's gone! Peace at last.


  • From the looks of Trevor's wounds and how he was covered in blood, it's possible that Trevor first shot Debra a few times (as evidenced by the bloody bullet holes in the window after he leaves),and was then slashed in the forehead by Floyd before killing him with a gun or his own knife.